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A lot of video games came out this year. A lot of great video games came out this year, Metal Gear Solid V (pictured above), Fallout 4, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are just a few that come to my mind initially. I've got to admit, this has been a really good year for the current generation of consoles.
I've had my PS4 since it was released and I remember feeling a little underwhelmed by the selection of games for the platform. There wasn't anything that really stood out that wasn't a remastered version of a game on the last generation of consoles. This year though was the game-changer, so to speak.
It gave us so many games worth playing I finally felt like the current console generation actually started.
This video by Malcolm Klock is much like the year-end movie edits that have been coming out. And I'm sort of glad I came across this. It's cool to see all the games we've enjoyed over the past year edited into one supercut of footage.
My favorite thing about this video, though, is trying to guess every game that shows up as it goes along. It's pretty hard for me, mostly because I have a terrible memory. And I mean, like, it's horrible. I can barely remember anything these days. My head is like a cloud, or a fish tank, or something else that makes sense here.
And I mean, I was supposed to have an ending here. I think it was something like, "oh video games I can't wait for the next year because this year was so great, like lol". But that isn't eloquent at all. And I'm trying my best here to make you guys care about the words that I keep typing. Man, I really bungled this one up.
I think everyone can agree 2015 was a pretty great year if you are a gamer.
@coonsech yeah definitely. i definitely wasn't expecting all of these rad games to come out. it definitely made my backlog real long and i don't know when i'll get the time to finish all of them, hahaha