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3intense things you want to with jungkook!!!
pleaae comment what they are...i would love to know what your 3 intense things are.
#1 him hugging me from the waist.
#2 Him kissing me all over""
#3 Him looking at me as if im the love of his life✌
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1. X-Rated 2. XXX-Rated 3. My mom would disown me-Rated
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1. A hug from behind 2. A kiss where I have to stand on my tippy toes 3. To take a nap with him haha ☺️
2 years ago·Reply
1. for him to sing to me 2. for him to look at me like he looks at coffee 3. for him to call me noona when he confesses to me...
2 years ago·Reply
... is mine the only pure innocent thing I want to do with him or am I wrong?
2 years ago·Reply
@DawanaMason Right!? Especially if he can move them hips they way he does 😱😍
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