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There's nothing like stretching out under the sun during spring and taking a nap. The temperatures are just right and not too hot. Being able to nap amongst all the green grass and blooming flowers is a treat. Photographers Listed in Order of Pictures Shown Amelia Fletcher [http://www.ameliafletcher.com/] O Studio [http://www.opro.vn] Elena Miloslavskaya [http://family-portrait.com.ua/] Rees H. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/digitalink77]
@Saravy So possessive
@YinofYang yes I would. :P My bed!
@cheerfulcallie @blairwitme Hahahaha! Let's just nap for a long time. Then we can watch movies. :D @Saravy If you were here, you'd just kick me out of the bed. Hahahahaha!
i know thats right, i can sleep there forever.... so sis @YinofYang scoot over and make room for me and @blairwitme to stretch out too....*sigh*....feels nice (*_*)
@blairwitme Heehee, right? Makes me want to curl up and nap too. @Tapsamai Hahaha, it does seem like it. The "Best Thing about Spring" was a contest that Vingle held from Friday to Sunday to post cards for that particular theme. :D
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