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After a long and dreary winter, one of the most cheerful things to do outside when Spring first arrives, is to go on a picnic. Being able to carefully prepare appropriate foods and pack them away carefully is fun. Spreading out a blanket to eat on or simply setting up a table is also fun with friends or even alone with your favorite book. Photographers shown in order as pictures shown Tatyana Tomsickova [http://www.tomsickova.com/] Jonathan Gayman [http://jonathangayman.com/] Tanya Berestova [http://berestova.com/] Abramis Brama [https://www.facebook.com/abramis.photo?_fb_noscript=1] Kimberly Poppe [http://500px.com/KimberlyPoppe] Irene Warman [http://cotrimoxazol.blogspot.com/] Andrian Ranti [https://www.facebook.com/andrian.ranti] A-T [http://500px.com/a-t]
That sounds absolutely awesome, sis! I'm totally up for that.
the weather here is beautiful, whenever you come to visit me, ill take you to the zoo like we talked about and we can have a picnic ...we'll have a blast sis!!!
Ah, yes. Those are all very good things to take on a picnic. :D
Do it like the french way ;) Wine, Bagguet, Cheese, and Sausage. That is enough for a romantic picnic :)
Yep! I can't wait! I plan on packing a lot of food and bringing a blanket.
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