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I wanted to kick this season of HUGE and anime's most well known and powerful character against comics most well known and powerful character. Granted both of these characters are not the most powerful from there verse's but, they are both known to be. Goku isn't able to get the job done so, we'll list both of these characters feats and abilities off next week on December 22 to see who would finally win anime or comics, stay tuned and for now you'll just have to wait.
Two of the most popular anime are being matched up again in this season but, this time it's two fan favorites Erza vs Zolo. The two are the best swordsman representing there anime and I feel that fans are going to get a kick out of this episode and really enjoy it, maybe it can get as many views as Luffy vs Natsu, who knows.
@OGv6FATE I'm excited to read it ^_^
@shannonl5 I'm excited to do episode one.
Ooooh previews! ^_^ I'm not sure about the first one to be honest, but I know I'd like to see Erza win episode 2