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So recently I was talking to a couple fellow cosplayers about a con coming up and what We was going to cosplay. I had mentioned that I wanted to cosplay alleyne from queens blade. After I showed them the picture of alleyne they left me with a comment that Presley upset me. They told me I couldn't cosplay the character because my breasts were not big enough! I love cosplay a lot but I'm really starting to feel like people think that if you don't have big enough breast then you can't cosplay. Does anyone else feel this way??
There are a lot of character to be cosplayed and most have large breast. So now people are telling me I can't cosplay because of my breast size??? Has anyone else ran into this same problem or one like it??
Well first off I may repeat some of what has already been said cause I didn't read the comments... But I'd say the same thing reguardles of what everyone else might say or have said. I'll never have big enough breasts... but I guess thats because I'm a dude and that was my sad attempt at a joke.. :p But in all seriousness, don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't do! If you wanna cosplay any character, do it.. There are so many people that let others opinions get in the way of them enjoying themselves and bringing them down instead of doing what they wanna do. Don't let others bring you down! Ever! Just take it from me, do what makes you happy. It can take you a long way in life, not just cosplay. Its cool to listen to suggestions of course, but over all and bottom line. Do what makes you happy and will allow you to be the best version of yourself!
I get boob envy so bad T^T
sadly there's a lot of hate in the cosplay community. weight, height, skin colour, age, gender, body type, skill level, economy aso are things that NEVER matter at all- you can cosplay whoever you want to whenever you want to and you'll look amazing no matter what- but sadly there is way too much people out there who don't see that and judge others. those are the real scum of the cosplay/convention community. who you are doesn't matter, keep doing what you think is fun. ♡
Thankfully I haven't run anyone who feels that way, but some people are just jerks. Nobody should be able to tell you who you can and can't cosplay! The purpose of cosplay is to have fun and bring something cool to the community. If they're policing your cosplay they're doing it wrong, not you
@kamijo I wouldn't do breast enlargement surgery anyways. If there was an estrogen tablet a girl could take to make them bigger, that would be ideal, especially if you can prevent it from affecting elsewhere negetively.
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