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All Time Low was a fun, party band. To a lot of us in the pop-punk community we knew them as those guys that were one step away from being a boy band, but made way better music.
Here are the most classic, fun and young at heart songs that made us stop and notice All Time Low.

1. Six Feet Under The Stars / So Wrong, It's Right

This is one of my favorite songs to date. It's just so fatalistically romantic. Kind of sad, and all the way rock and roll. Telling the story of someone running from the law, but still making time to meet his love one last time before the cops get them, it plays into our pension for a sick love story. Much like the tale of Sid and Nancy, 6 feet under the stars reminds us of those relationships that were never meant to be perfect...but somehow got pretty close.
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2. Time Bomb / Dirty Work

This is one of those songs that you can find yourself blasting as you speed down the highway a bit too fast. From one of their more recent albums, Time Bomb is probably one of their most mainstream singles to date, but that doesn't discredit it as a tried and true rock track. Revisit this one if you thought it was too much of a "sell out" track, because you really missed out.
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3. Coffee Shop Soundtrack / Put Up or Shut Up

This was just the amount of anger and passion that we wanted in our music during our early teen years. Comparing friends and relationships to wasted youth and missed opportunities seemed to hit the spot. Much like Green Day, All Time Low has that gift of explaining our feelings, sending them through the speakers and letting us know that someone understands. This was the first song I heard by the band, and it made me realize how important and amazing they really were.
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4. The Party Scene / Put Up Or Shut Up

Whenever you felt like you were partying to try and keep away the pain, this song was there to remind you that a lot of others were doing the same thing. Sometimes partying can get the best of you, and that's when you know you have to tone it down. Whether you were upset with your friends or your life, somehow the party always found you. And it never judged or made you feel bad...not until the morning after at least.

5. Poppin' (Champagne) / So Wrong It's RIght

This song is still a jam. It's perfect for a throwback car soundtrack or to get you excited to go out. For some reason the nostalgia hits me when I hear this song. It's just one of those tunes I can remember listening to on the way to middle school, on the bus. Those times were full of unrest. Constant searching, and teenage angst. But what I really enjoyed was hearing the beat, letting the fun melody take me over before plunging into uncertainty.

6. Jasey Rae / Put Up Or Shut Up - Punk Goes Acoustic 2

Everyone knows that the acoustic version is the best version of this All Time Low classic. Romantic and heartbreaking, much like most of their ballads, Jasey Rae always held a special place in our hearts. It was the kind of love song you'd want your perfect significant other to sing to you. Honest and open and not the least bit cheesy Jasey Rae is the kind of song you could hear playing from the boombox of some hopeless boy outside your window.

7. Remembering Sunday feat. Juliet Simms / So Wrong It's Right

If you didn't scream the high notes in this song with your friends, then you're not a real ATL fan. This was the song that blew up in my friend group because we loved screaming it in the car together. Some of my fondest memories were driving around listening to music with my friends. This was the jam. And still is.

8. Weightless / Nothing Personal

This song came out when we were a little more grown up, and so were the dudes in All Time Low. It's hard to cope with the fact that you're growing up, moving on and trying to balance your youthful lust for life with reality. ATL got this sentiment and released Weightless as yet another anthem for the kids who had no idea what the hell they were doing...most of us still don't.

9. A Love Like War / Don't Panic

The addition of Vic Fuentes is pretty rad, and this song is more recent, but still rocks. It's another disdainful love song with more cons than pros. But it's a great song to rock out to when you're not feeling your relationship, or have the slightest inkling to move on. Love isn't the most fun thing on the planet, especially if its not going well. Don't worry, some relationships aren't meant to last.

10. Dear Maria, Count Me In / So Wrong It's Right

Whether this was your favorite or least favorite ATL song, it still has a place in your heart. "Dear Maria, Count Me In" was the song that made All Time Low really famous. Much like "Sugar We're Going Down" was for Fall Out Boy it was the song that we loved to hear on the radio. Our friends who weren't that into the scene knew the words, and although it made us a little sad, because we weren't the only ones who loved them anymore, it kind of made us proud. Because All Time Low deserved success. They're a really special band and we'll never forget what they gave to us.
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