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Hot of the news that Twilight Princess will be re-released on Wii U, First 4 Figures revealed a 15-inch tall statue/collectable of Zelda and it looks awesome... Even though it represents a darker period in the characters timeline.
Over the course of Twilight Princess we find out that Ganon eventually takes control over Zelda using some kind of curse thing (I'm sorry, I don't really remember too many details and am too lazy to look it up). Either way though, the detail on this collectible is something to be amazed at.
I really like the idea of collectibles but I don't know if I like the actual action of buying them. Especially when it comes to figures such as this one. It's a beautiful piece that's for sure (and you can check out more pics of the statue here) but it still costs a ton. If you're interested in pre-ordering the piece before it comes out later this year, get ready to drop at least 350 dollars on it.
Yeah, that's right. 350 dollars. You know what I could do with that much money? I could probably pay part of my rent. Or, my phone bill, or my health insurance bill. Or, I could pay back Gene from that alleyway outside Pike's Bar and Grill. Fuck, I should really pay Gene back if I want to go back to Pike's.
Man, I love Pike's. They have open mic nights on Thursdays and endless wings on Tuesdays and every Sunday there's karaoke. I need to get my shit together, man. Or, I can buy this Zelda figurine and hope Gene doesn't find me and bust my kneecaps.
pike's is dope!
@hhead232 oh my god so do i but it's so much $$$$
I need this in my life.