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New Poster Pics! What Do you guys think?
Why does Supes always have destruction behind him?! XD
Batman looks Batass!!!
Definitely my favorite one of the three!!!
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@geewhiz same here! I'm so happy she's finally going to be on screen :D @Karthikkrazzy1 yeah Batman too, definitely different. @OGv6FATE same here! It would look really good in my apartment
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@shannonl5 when I first heard that Gal Gadot was going to play her, I wasn't happy. I kept saying that Wonder Woman is an Amazonian princess so therefore she needs to be big. However, she did pull it off and she looks amazing
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@geewhiz that's a fair point, I do usually imagine someone bulkier. Though seeing pictures of Gadot she put on a lot of muscle for it (and then of course they photoshopped that out for the above poster)
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@shannonl5 ahhhhh the magic of photoshopping lol. Yes she is a small woman. But she pulled it off. She's no Linda Carter, but she'll do 馃槈
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@geewhiz truth, but then, no one is
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