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One day you wake up and you realize. You realize the path that you are meant to be taking in life. You realize your hopes and dreams stand before you and helps set you straight. This amazing moment you realize everything is right. You now know where you belong, what you belong doing and who you belong with. You realize who is supposed to be in your life and you cut the rest out. You say to yourself that its time for a new adventure through the journey in life. Its this amazing moment where you can stop to take a breath in the battle of life and pat yourself on the back and say "you have made it baby girl, now just remain on course" and you continue with a smile upon your face.
@nicolejb no.. That was the joke
Go go go! That's such a nice feeling. I'm hoping it lasts forever for you!
But perhaps we can relate to not relating to this @Alletaire?
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