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I want Storm sooooo bad! He is soooooo adorableeeee!!!
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Cool! I'm only allowed one pet and I already have my cat but one day I shall have my own house and have two cats and my wolf dog who I shall name Cheza because I love that name.
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@TiffanyWallace ahhh gotcha. My apartment is too small for a dog right now and I work weird hours, I wouldn't be able to give one the attention it would need right now
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Gotcha. Luckily the apartment I live in isn't like most. I have a one story, so no one under or above me, and I kind of have a yard. I'm pretty fortunate. But I work all day and have a kid so my cat is either home alone all the time or when I am home he is following me everywhere or being picked on by the five year old lol
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