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She had to she really had to, there was no better time than now. That and she couldn’t stand the look Jimin had been giving her all afternoon. Nabi could tell how bad he was hurting because of what he did and attempted to do to her. The sky had went dark and all the stars shone brightly in the sky. The moon was full and cast a bright glow on the group that even without the fire they could still somewhat see. “Jimin.” Was the only thing she said as she stood up and walked off towards the grassy clearing she had been walking through earlier. She could hear him get up and follow her the others only pausing for a moment before going back to talking. She didn’t turn to face him she didn’t want to look at him just yet. She was still so mad, so upset, and so completely confused by it all. She heard a soft this and then hands holding one of hers. “Nabi I’m so sorry I really am. I never should have even tried to do anything like that with you. You’re my best friend and what I did was inexcusable. The pain of loosing you as a friend could never match the pain I caused you. You don’t have to be my friend just please don’t avoid me anymore.” She moved her hand from his lifting it and placing it gently on his hair. She turned to face where he was kneeling looking up at the sky for some kind of guidance. “I just want to know why, what could have possibly twisted your mind where you even thought to do that.” She felt him sink down moving his head from her touch. “I found out she was cheating on me. J was just so mad and hurt and……..I wanted her to feel how I did. I never should have came over to your place I should have just told you I couldn’t come by that night.” “It will be hard for me to trust you again you know that. It will be hard for me when we are alone until you earn it back. It won’t be easy either, its going to take a long time. You can’t come to the house anymore unless someone else comes too. I don’t want to loose you you’re the beat friend I could ask for but I can’t forgive you just yet. You hurt me so bad I haven’t even been to work in three days. I’ll be lucky if I still have my job.” She could hear him sobbing quietly so she looked down at him. “Oh Jimin.” She lifted his face and wiped away his tears. Placing her hands on his head she pulled him closer resting his head on her stomach. She could still feel him crying so she played with his hair till he calmed down. “Do you hate me?” She heard him mumble. “I don’t hate you, I don’t think I ever could. I just wish you would have told me about what she did instead of trying to fix it all on your own. It’s what friends are for we help each other. You are what happens when you don’t let your friends help you.” Nabi felt him sigh but the tears had finally stopped. From the campsite all you could see were their outlines. Yoongi had been watching the whole thing his mind turning trying to figure out what was going on between them. He had heard Jimin say it was his fault and when Tae went to see her he said it was because of what Jimin’s girlfriend had said but by the looks of it it seemed a lot more serious that just a few hurtful words. “I wonder what they are talking about.” Hoseok stated quietly so that only Yoongi could hear. It snapped him out of his thoughts. “I was wondering the same thing.”
as promised I updated after dinner
@SugaOnTop two in one day! yay! I just got off work and I'm exhausted but I love this so much :) poor Jiminie........I feel bad for him really, but like....ugh he didn't have to try that with Nabi. no no no Jiminie and is that some Yoongi being green I sense ;) it's a flattering hair color on him for sure lol
@LilySilver yea he's feeling his hair color bad here
can you tag me if you make more? they're really good and my eyes got watery on this one. I really love this story ;-; so good!!
@SugaOnTop you are the best! can't wait for more!!
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