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Who can resist a stunning Before & After?!
I gotta share this incredible body transformation of Rashawn Winfree.
Maybe you think this is fake or photoshopped, but you would be very wrong about both ideas. This guy is legit! Take a look at these pics of him!
Obviously, this took more than 30 days.
Who else is amped to get to the gym, eat right and be CONSISTENT?!
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I am definitely going to update this card once I get that info. Trust me--I wanna know too! haha. I reached out to Rashawn and left him a message. Still waiting to hear back. My guess is that he did this in about 5-6 years. Dropping the weight probably was quick, in about 2 years, while he was building a muscle base. So that's my guess.
this is amazing! I literally had to double take because I thought this was DJ Khaled in the first collage. Way to go for him!
Yeah, right?! @JordanHamilton This guy is super cool and his transformation floors me everytime I see it.
It's truly phenomenal on so many levels.
You do know that's DJ khaled in the first pic right? look up DJ khaled Snapchat.