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It will definitely be a silent night if you give this look a try.

Whether you're spending Christmas smooching under the mistletoe with your beau or heading to a 'fancy smancy' restaurant with your family, getting glam is always an option. I'm going to hope that it happens to be the first option on your list because who wouldn't want to look as good as they feel on the happiest day of the year, right?
Well, Rolanda is here to give you some amazing tips and tricks in her tutorial [seen below]. Keep scrolling and get on Santa's nice list this holiday with your gorgeous makeup skills.
Disclaimer: the video below is solely for laughs. It is a skit and the tutorial is not realistic.
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Omg! I thought I was the only one @danidee small world lol
It's obviously a hot trend catching on lol.
Totally agree! Especially this time of the year @danidee
I got like to 2mins and couldn't watch anymore....
馃槀馃槀馃槀 that happened to a lot of people @LadyLuna