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Saitama would defiantly win! Let the haters come!
@TreverMoon stop being so rude people are just trying to tell you the one punch man is a good show (which totally is) Of course he is the stronger person in this fight. I highly doubt you can beat Saitama with an eraserπŸ˜•
sorry but nor gonna happen guys. He was made to be the strongest character ever. Goku wouldn't be able to beat him. he's quick, more durable than any character I've ever seen, has never lost in his life, and has defeated every single foe in one punch
go saitama
goku lol how is that a battle
@BryceTerao you realize how much newer one punch man is compared to every other show people are comparing him to. Every overpowered character we know of has fought that one enemy that they narrowly beat. Every. One. Saitama has yet to fight that person because it's a short as fuck anime so far.
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