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Improv Chest Routine
Don't wait till Monday to get your chest routine going. In fact, if you're smart, like me, (LOL) you will AVOID chest on Mondays and hit that muscle twice a week on any other day! If you're new to working out or have never been to a gym on Mondays, then you may or may not know that every dude in America seems to hit chest on that day more than any other.
Is that a problem? Depends. If you want to wait FOREVER for weights, benches and machines, then yeah.
I wanted to share this cool vid by Winfree Fitness. It's by Rashawn Winfree, which you can see his incredible body transformation here. While I am not about improv training, I wanted you to see the wide range of cool exercises that these guys do.
No doubt, you've seen hundreds of vids, articles and ideas on how to train your chest. I am by no means an expert--I just started working out 4 months ago--but I like looking at what guys are doing to keep my routine changing. I like to keep it fresh without getting stale.
Do you have a favorite Chest exercise? One that you can't skip, no matter what?! Share with me!!! I wanna know! I have TWO that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. Take a look here to see which two are my go-to!
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It's not just every dude in America that hits chest on's the entire world! It's called International Chest Day for a reason!
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