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Don't wait till Monday to get your chest routine going. In fact, if you're smart, like me, (LOL) you will AVOID chest on Mondays and hit that muscle twice a week on any other day! If you're new to working out or have never been to a gym on Mondays, then you may or may not know that every dude in America seems to hit chest on that day more than any other.
Is that a problem? Depends. If you want to wait FOREVER for weights, benches and machines, then yeah.
I wanted to share this cool vid by Winfree Fitness. It's by Rashawn Winfree, which you can see his incredible body transformation here. While I am not about improv training, I wanted you to see the wide range of cool exercises that these guys do.
No doubt, you've seen hundreds of vids, articles and ideas on how to train your chest. I am by no means an expert--I just started working out 4 months ago--but I like looking at what guys are doing to keep my routine changing. I like to keep it fresh without getting stale.
Do you have a favorite Chest exercise? One that you can't skip, no matter what?! Share with me!!! I wanna know! I have TWO that I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT. Take a look here to see which two are my go-to!
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It's not just every dude in America that hits chest on's the entire world! It's called International Chest Day for a reason!