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As a noob to weight-lifting and whatnot, I have been busying myself with ways to maximize my time and effort at the gym. The last thing that I want to do is work hard with little or no results. Plus, I don't want to get hurt!
I discovered these TWO INCREDIBLE chest exercises that I SIMPLY CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! I suppose everyone has their favorites. These two are mine:
Reverse Grip Bench Press How-To
Loving this because it keeps my shoulders from injury and I feel like I have greater strength to lift heavy with confidence that I won't drop it or expel all my energy on the first set.
Dumbell Pull-over How-To
Loving this exercise because it gives me an intense mind-muscle connection that can be challenging. The trick is to really focus on squeezing the chest when bringing the dumbell from overhead to the top of the chest.
I know Vingle has at least a couple pros in the gym that I know of: @mchlyang and @alywhoa. Are there others?! What are your exercise MUSTS for chest? Share! I wanna know too!
I like good old-fashion barbell bench press. I also like dumbbell bench press. Incline is good too. Oh, and I like the chest machines lol. If you want more ideas...pushups!
@marshalledgar Good thinking. Don't want to hurt myself on my first try!
Wow...reverse grip bench press? I've never tried it before. I'll give it a shot next time I do chest!
pushups...classic @alywoah 馃槃馃槂馃槀馃榿
It really is awesome! My recommendation, however, is to do it with the assist machine--so you get used to it and don't decapitate yourself @mchlyang! :)