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This is pretty much me whenever I start to binge watch an anime. Here are some anime I'm watching at the moment.
First anime is angel beats. This anime is filled with laughters and strong emotion. You pretty much start out laughing and then end up in tears. This is an anime I reallay recommend.
The second anime I'm watching is Infinite Stratos. I don't know why I ended up watching this but I must say I don't regret it. This anime is filled with laughs and centers around a boy who's as naive as all the other anime boys out there when it comes to girls. The story kinda leads to nowhere but it is very funny and will have you watching episode after episode.
Sure they fight a lot but I'm pretty sure they'll realise they like each other :) Plus they always act so cute/funny around each other. What anime are you watching at the moment, maybe recommend some to me? Thanks in advance!
right now naruto,one punch man, fairy tail, one piece
well I'm catching up on fairy tail watching noragami, mobile suit gundam: iron blood orphans and future diary
ya i have quite a few i need to finish not enough time in the day, finishing claymore tonight, ya charlotte is pretty good so far just wish i could quite my job and watch anime all day
I actually just finished angel wars it was actually really good
Awesome thanks I'll definitely start watching those. :) Finish Charlotte, it's so good! Also thanks for letting me know about your favorite anime, I'll be sure to check it out as well. @a77ferrel77
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