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State of Mind

  It's been two hours since we got on the plane. I chose the window seat while Kaela is sitting next to me and Emily next to her. I look over and see Jae passed out and soring quietly. He sitting in the row next to ours. Luckily,  there is no little kids behind me so no kicked seats. I poke Emily and whisper, "Hey, can you grab me Jae's stuff?" Emily gives me a confused expression and then leans over and grabs his bag and hands it to me. I grab it and mouth, "Thanks." I open his bag and grab the notepad and a pencil, I put the bag next to me. I flip open to a fresh page. I poke Emily again and say, "So, our group name is Infinite 세? She nods and I ask another question, "We should write a song just in case we have to showcase our skills." She gives me a thumbs up. I poke kaela and ask her to switch seats with Emily. Half awake, she stands and switches seats. Thanks! I'd tell her but she wouldn't hear me. I start conversing with Emily about what our song should be about. After an hour and half of working we came up with *State of Mind            (KAELAS PART) They say we're too young to amount to anything else Look around We work too damn hard for this Just to give it up now The world I see is beautiful The wonder takes my breathe away Nothing surrounding us will Stay the same You can lift your head up to the sky Take a deeper breath And give it time You can walk the path of all lies With your shattered frame of mind (MY RAP) Confident principles, valuable dignity (uh huh) My eye smile is a given, my tears are my weapon (that’s right) My smile is fire, it’ll burn you up (burn) You want it, come and get it now, if you don’t wanna, that’s too bad (KOREAN PART I'll do it also) Ni mameul kkaemulgo domangchil geoya goyangicheoreom Neon jakku andari nal geoya nae apeuro wa eoseo hwanaeboryeom Nae seksihan georeum ni meori soge balttongeul geoneun Eungeunhan seukinship eolgure bichin mot chama jukkkettan ni nunbit Galsurok gipi deo ppajeodeureo Alsurok niga deo mame deureo Baby Amuraedo ni saenggage chwihaennabwa (EMILY'S PART) I am the proudest, I never say sorry (nope) Being fake is a given, I’m really smart (yes) My smile is killa because it makes everyone die (oops) You want it, come and get it now, if you don’t wanna, that’s too bad Oh the hero comes I can hear the drums To the horses drum To the kingdom come Through the pain of light The house ignites in the cold Oh whoaa oh Claim your prize For the crown of stars In the name of love Be the sacrifice You and I will fight Our backs to the world -piano solo maybe- Let the fever rise The horses race To the blazing sun Baby I'm the one I'm the one who will fall Oh whoaa oh Meet me down On the bitter stone I will wait for you Just to rest my soul Don't you worry You will fight with the call (ALL 3 OF US) You can lift your head up to the sky Take a deeper breath And give it time You can walk the path of all lies With your shattered frame of mind The wonder takes my breathe away Nothing surrounding us will Stay the same *We didn't actually write this; we took song lyrics from different songs and mashed them togethee (:          "Finished!" I rip the page out of Jae's notebook and put the notebook and pencil back in his bag and I give it to Emily to put back next to Jae. Jae's still still sound asleep. "I'm going to take a nap." Emily says as she closes her eyes. "Alright." I then remember the envelope. Open it on the plane, she said. Well I'm kn the plane. I take it out of my Michigan bag and place the paper with the song inside and take out the other papers and I begin to read.

Yellow Brick Mall

   We stepped off the plane and I stretched. "I hate sitting for hours on end." I yawn and proceed to baggage claim with Emily, Kaela, and Jae. "First, Welcome to Seoul," Jae smiled and threw his arms in the air, "Second, we're going shopping!" Kaela gets excited and so does Emily. Kaela starts to do a little dance and I just roll my eyes. Our bags finally appear after awhile and we grab them. We follow Jae outside and he ushers us into a van and he says something to the driver in Korean. Jae then proceeds to sit in the passenger seat next to the driver. "I can't believe we're doing this," I say to myself out loud. "Yah, me too," Emily replies. "Me three," Kaela chimes in. After awhile we arrive at a huge yellow building, "Welcome to the Yellow Brick Mall girls!" The driver parks the car and we all climb out. Jae says something to the driver in Korean again and the driver drives off. Man, I need to learn Korean. We follow Jae inside and us girls.  are amazed by how big the mall is. "How many shops are in here?" Kaela asks out loud. "Too many to count," Jae says as he is still walking. We jog up to him and continue at his pace. "We need you guys to look like a girl group. We have to make this as believable as possible!" He shoves us into a store and speeks to the clerk in Korean. She proceeds to shove each of us into a changing room and closes the door. Well, she seems nice. I sigh and sit on the stool that's available in the changing room. A few minutes later, a pair of clothes is thrown intonthe changing room. I guess this is outfit numero 1! I hate trying on clothes... Coincidentally,  all three of us ecit the changing rooms wearing the same outfit but in different colors. I start to pull at the outfit. "It's too tight," Kaela says breathing heavily. "I can't feel my legs," Emily complains. "Can't we just choose what to wear?" I give Jae puppy eyes. He looks at all three of us anf then sighs and says, "Fine." All three of us rush into the changing rooms to rip this outfit off. An hour and a half later we leave the mall with a new outfit and smiles on our faces. Jae mutters something to himself. Hey, He said we could pick our own outfits, he didn't give us a price range. Surprisingly, the van we came in sits patiently waiting for us to get in. We throw our bags in the back and get in the van. "So tired from shopping," I lay across the seats. "Shop till yah drop as they say," Emily smiles. Jae turns around to face us with a smile, "Are you guys ready to meet EXO?" (I was in a Oprah mood so heres 2 more chapters ;D)
ahhh!! i cant wait till we meet EXO!!!!😆😆😆😆
These are being addicting