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So I want to cosplay...
I've been wanting to cosplay ever since I got into anime several years ago. I've finally gotten the will to do it and I am really excited to get started, but one problem. I have never cosplayed before and I don't know anyone who has. I want to start out with InuYasha's human form.
I've read a lot of tutorials and things like that but Pinterest can only take me so far. If you know any really good tips to help me start out, that would be great and very appreciated. In case this is relevant, I'm white, 5'1'', and a girl with pretty long, curly hair.
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I want to cosplay as Ayame (also from Inuyasha)! I also want to cosplay as Saya from Blood+ with her Burgundy outfit. ^_^
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Are you going to be building your costume or buying it? And are you thinking of getting a wig?
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I am planning on making it and I will likely not get a wig.
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@LenteBeans cool! I have a few sewing tutorials clipped here and @hikaymm does some great cosplay tutorials as well so I'd check out their cards
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@shannon15 thank you!!!
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