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Hey there kiddos! This is my first fan card! I've been lurking around, and making comments (mostly about how Lupin the Third is a great anime). This has been in my head for a while now and I wanted to finally talk a little about why I love this show so much.
Ok, so first, this show is incredibly funny! Every incarnation of Lupin The Third is slightly different. The characters are the same, sure, but the situations, gadgets, and places they go evolve around them. This show has been going on for longer than I've been alive and they're still going!
Second? It is so clever! Lupin and the gang are always getting into deep situations and usually come out on top. Whether it's stealing a diamond, or saving a damsel in distress, the guys never give up! And the ways they get out of these situations? Various and clever.
Finally, I just love this show! I want everyone to know that Lupin the Third is a great anime and that everyone should give it a try. Not just the new stuff, but the older shows too! And the movies...and the games...and the toys *is dragged off stage by a hook* Have a Great Day everyone!!!!!
i actually started watchinf lupin since i saw the crossover movie with Detective Conan
@CreeTheOtaku well I am quite the punny person!
@HeatherWright I am a sucker for puns
@CreeTheOtaku I sees what you did there ;)
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