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My husband supports my obsession with K-Pop (what a keeper right?) and he got me BTS merch for Christmas. And guess what?
IT FREAKING CAME TODAY!!! Of course sporting my Ultimate Bias Min Yoongi's name. Now I just need to pick an Exo bias so I can have merch for their NYC concert. I'm so happy it's so warm and comfy (and I feel cool af during my rendition of Cypher Pt3 馃槑) Just thought I'd share with you guys~鉂わ笍
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@DawanaMason awww I hope I'm able to go. Props to you for being an awesome mom though ^^
@DawanaMason Is there any link the the places BTS will be coming that you can give me?
@DawanaMason Are you talking about the Fan meeting because thats the only thing I saw on their facebook. Thats only in korea.
@DawanaMason Thanks, sorry to bother but if got7 is coming then I want to be able to go c:
@DawanaMason I heard the Korean Music Festival is amazing!