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Get into the holiday spirit with this riff on an old smash classic. David Kwiatkowski, of The Sugar House, in Detroit, created this seasonal must-have with the addition of rosemary, which brings a savory note to this cheery cocktail.

Cranberry Smash

2 oz. cranberry-infused gin (see below)
1 barspoon Demerara sugar
¼ of a fresh lemon, diced
1 sprig fresh rosemary
5-6 fresh cranberries
Tools: shaker, muddler, strainer
Glass: rocks
Garnish: 3 fresh cranberries skewered on a rosemary sprig


Combine the rosemary, cranberries, sugar and diced lemon in a shaker and muddle. Add the gin and shake hard with ice cubes. Strain over one large ice cube into a rocks glass and garnish.
Cranberry-Infused Gin: Combine a 750 ml. bottle of dry gin in a quart-sized jar with 1 cup fresh, gently muddled cranberries. Let macerate for 1 week before straining into a clean glass bottle.
If there are some Vinglers in the LA area, that want to meet for holiday cocktails, LET ME KNOW! @Rodiziketan, you are most welcome too, though you're about a million miles away... :( :( :(
This recipe comes from one of my favorite cocktail sites online, Imbibe.
Photo: Lara Ferroni
this looks delicious. And I would gladly join you for an evening or a night of cocktailing in L.A. But damn, those milles in between :( Tho, I really want to visit L.A. :) @marshalledgar
It's kinda crazy. lololol
Hey there @Rodiziketan So what's happening with you for the holidays? Does Slovenia decorate the way we do in the West? The roads over here have turned into parking lots. Malls are stuffed with stressed out customers. It