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@Panthora Not gonna lie, I actually enjoyed the books before the movies were a thing. Based on the Bree Tanner spin off book, I got the impression that the "sparkle" was supposed to give the appearance of bursting into flames or something like that, since that's what happens in most vampire lore when exposed to sunlight
I liked the books too I even enjoyed the movies a little but I couldn't stand the sparkling thing. I mean it just doesn't fit ANYWHERE into vampire lore it doesn't matter what it is supposed to look like it's what it is and I don't remember Edward looking like he was in pain in sunlight 馃槀
@OtakuDemon10 but yes I will admit the books were pretty good
I actually really like twilight, honestly, and its hard being in that fandom because it you admit to liking it, then everyone thinks that you are stupid, shallow, and crazy. Stephanie Meyer based the entire book off of a dream that she had while taking a nap. In that dream ( it was the meadow scene) there was a sparkly vampire. She found it intriguing so she wrote an entire book about it and did a pretty fine job.
I actually Love the series also. I just don't think I can handle a Manga version. So me posting this isn't against the Twilight series itself just a manga version.