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DJ Khaled is the KING of social media interaction.
Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.. it doesn't matter, this guy knows how to grab your attention like no one else in the entertainment industry.
Today, we got to enjoy another hilarious moment in the life of Khaled, as the Miami native hopped on Snapchat to share the time he got lost at sea on his jet ski.
After pulling up to his neighbor Rick Ross’ estate on his jet ski, the Miami DJ and producer found himself on the water in the pitch black night trying to find his way home on his jet ski.
As it got darker and darker, you can see the normally cheery Khaled transition from hopeful seriousness serious fear.. and yet I couldn't help but chuckle. I mean, who else would hop on Snapchat to share such an intense moment?
Thankfully, Khaled was rescued and made it home safely. Maybe it's best for Khaled to uber home and leave the jet ski parked at his friends house after dark.
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"It's so real out here smh" is such an understatement. I want to use that sentence always.