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@1FallenAngel you are right. it is really hard. people who dont have it would not understand. but you know how when you get a foot injury, the doctor will tell you to keep your foot elevated above heart level because otherwise, the blood will collect around the injured place. imagine doing that for a year. and for two months, i couldnt walk on it so that too slows the circulation a lot. now, when i walk, i have to shift most of my weight to the front of my foot so it wont hurt. the fractures are on my heel. and i have to use a walker as well so that doesnt help a lot with the circulation. but it does help some. but right now, i cant go out and do things or be around people and it takes its toll mentally. its much like being in prison except in prison, at least there are plenty of other people although not many that you would want to cross paths with.
I totally understand @MelissaMae . I hope you'll get the proper treatment that you need to help you get better. Hang in there, I know it's hard but it'll be alright. Don't get swallowed by that unpleasant feeling of hopelessness.
well, our minds have a way of adjusting over time. i dont want to say that im emotionally or mentally strong, but just more adjusted mentally tdn my condition. but not a day goes by that i dont want my life back. thanks for understanding.
Yes every day!!
Sorry read the card first and I just felt like jumping up and down on my bed screaming, Somebody gets me.