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Let's call a spade a spade: up to this point, Martin Shkreli hasn't done a lot of things to make people think he's a nice guy.
At this point, all we know Shkreli for is raising the prices to extreme heights on needed AIDS drugs. Something like that would make many think you are a heartless individual, but all that may come to an end.
During an interview with Hip-Hop DX, Shkreli said that he’s trying to work out a way to post Bobby Shmurda’s $2 million bail.
Via the interview:
“We’re actually in discussion to try to bail out Bobby Shmurda. Forget whether you think he’s guilty or not, the guy should not be sitting in jail right now. It’s insane. He’s from Brooklyn. I’m from Brooklyn. He deserves a fair trial. He deserves good lawyers. He doesn’t have good lawyers. His label is hanging him out to dry and so I have a conference call tomorrow morning with them (December 15). I’ll show up with $2 million bail money no f*cking problem. He’s not going to flee the country. I’m not going to lose anything. I’m going to try to make that happen. That’s one thing I’m working on.”

If Martin makes this happen, his street cred in the rap world would be through the roof. Free Bobby.