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You are the Weakest Link... Goodbye!!!

Wow, that sounded so cruel...

Anyway Folks, this is the BIGBANG Dating Game and you're well on your way to finding out which member of BIGBANG is your secret admirer. Are you ready to find out where your secret admirer is taking you?

The rules are simple: Be honest, don't cheat and HAVE FUN!!!

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Let's get back to the game...

Balloons 2

The driver picks you up at the hotel entrance, promptly at 11:00am. You're so excited. Will your secret admirer be in the car? Will you meet him wherever the car is taking you? The driver opens the doors for you and your friend. Waiting for you on the backseat is paper shopping bag.
"What is this?" You wonder, aloud. Propped against the bag is an envelope with your name on it, and a gerber daisy in the same color as the roses you previously received. You pick it up and smile.
"Looks like someone was paying attention last night." Your BFF says, grinning. You finger the envelope before opening it.
"I am so sorry, but I am unable to accompany you today. An appearance was added to my schedule last minute. Please have fun without me and enjoy the experience. I am deeply regretful I cannot be with you today.
P.S. I had hoped to give these to you in person."
"He's not coming!" You're understandably unhappy.
"What, why not?"
"His schedule changed. I'm so disappointed!"
"At least we still get to do some sightseeing. That will be fun, right? I mean, we are in South Korea! I sure hope we get to see more than BIGBANG while we are here."
"Yeah. I'm bummed though. I wanted to find out which of them it is!" You gaze out the window at the city flying by you.
"What's in the bag?" You pick up the bag and peer inside. All you can see is flowered tissue paper. You reach inside and pull out a bundle of tissue paper and fabric.
"It's a pair of gloves. Two pairs actually. And hats and scarves too. A set for each of us... Where are we going that we will need these? It's a beautiful day."
It takes a little over an hour before the car pulls into a long driveway. The scenery outside the windows went from bustling city life to small towns and then beautiful county side.
"Where are we?" Your friend asks. There are a number of hand-painted signs on the road. You have no idea what they say. You're suddenly wishing you'd been more active in learning hangul.
"I don't know. Oh, but that looks like a balloon, right? Painted on that sign, there." You point out the window.
"Oh, yeah. I see it." You look at each other. What does it mean? After another ten minutes on the road, the car pulls to a stop at a small, colorful building. The driver opens the doors and a man greets you in broken English.
"You come this way." He gestures towards the building. Inside are all kinds of posters, all with hot air balloons on them.
"Are we going in a hot air balloon?" She squeals. "Oh my god, how cool is this?" Wow, this is pretty cool. But you're nervous... you're unsure how you feel about the height or being up in a basket attached to a balloon. Another man approaches you.
"Hello. I am Jin. I will be your guide today." He says.
"Oh, you speak such good English." You're relieved. He smiles and lets out a small laugh.
"Thank you. I studied in America for four years."
"So, are we going up in a hot air balloon?" You ask him.
"Yes. We are. It's going to be a lot of fun. We'll be flying over the city and parts of the country side."
After filling out paperwork, signing a waiver, participating in a safety briefing and practicing emergency bailout maneuvers, Jin instructs you to get inside the basket. He shuts and secures the door and then starts the fuel. The balloon slowly inflates and after a few moments the basket starts moving across the ground, dragged by the balloon above you. It's a little nerve-wracking. You and your bestie clasp your hands together and try to stay calm as the basket lurches about the grass.
"Don't worry." Jin says. "This is normal. It's just part of the take off process. We'll be up in the air soon and the ride will be much smoother." After a few more tumultuous minutes, the balloon finally inflates fully and you feel the basket lift off the ground. Jin was right. once off the ground, the ride is much smoother. You're ascending slowly. The ground beneath you grows farther and farther away as you move up, past the tree line.
"This is so cool." Your friend says. And it is. You're not as nervous now as you expected to be. The height is still a little unnerving to you, but the incredible views seem to be overriding your fear. You can see the city ahead in the distance. Around you are fields and farms. When you reach the proper altitude, Jin explains the route. First you head into the heart of Seoul. Once there, Jin points out some of the tall buildings and historic sights there. While doing so, he details the rich history of the city. Next you fly up to the mountain ranges surrounding Seoul.
The view is breath-taking. Never in your life did you expect to ride in a hot air balloon. Never could you have expected winning that contest would have led you here. Then it hits you. You are here, in this gigantic, colorful balloon, traveling over Seoul, South Korea because one of the members of your favorite band arranged it. You can't help smiling at the thought. The only thing that could make the experience better is if he was here with you now, whichever member it is. But you have your bestie with you and are very grateful to be sharing this incredible experience with her.
"You have the coolest secret admirer!" She says.
"I know. How did I get so lucky?"
From the mountains, you head to the sea. The air is much cooler here and you are very grateful for the warm accessories your secret admirer gave you. The water below you is beautiful, crisp, clear. You hope you have the chance to swim in these waters before your trip here ends. From the sea, you fly over the country, to the small villages and farms that lie on the outskirts of the larger cities. You can see people in the fields, working the land. And before you know it, you can see the landing zone come into view behind a row of trees.
Back at the car, the driver hands you another envelope. He instructs you not to open it until you are back at the hotel...

Chocolate 2

The car stops. You look out the tinted windows at the elaborate building outside.
"Where are we?" You ask the driver as you climb out of the vehicle, gesturing towards the building.
"Jjimjilbang." He says enthusiastically. You nod.
"I have no idea what that is." You say to your friend.
"Well, it looks cool. Let's find out what it is." She pulls you by the hand. You thank the driver and then head for the door. But you suddenly stop before your friend can pull the large glass doors open. "What, what is it?" She asks.
"One of the members of BIGBANG is in there, waiting for me." You say, suddenly nervous.
"Right..." She says. "That's the point. We're going to go in there and find out which one of them it is."
"I know. I know. I just need a moment to freak out internally before I'm ready to meet them."
"Okay. Sounds reasonable. Just let me know when you're ready." You close your eyes and take a deep, steadying breath.
"Okay. I'm ready." She grabs your hand.
"Good. Now let's go meet lover boy."
The inside is absolutely beautiful. The floor, walls and ceiling are covered in a warm-toned stone tile. There are planted orchids on the counters and side tables. The smell of lavender and mild ginger wafts through the space.The girl at the front counter greets you, bowing, and asks for your name.
"Ah, you VIP." She says, bowing again. She walks from behind the counter and motions for you to follow her to an open door. She waves you in. She hands each of you a pile of folded towels and cloth. "You change." She bows and leaves the room, shutting the door behind her.
The pile has one of those Princess Leia hair bun towel hats on the top, a thin, white robe, a white cotton t-shirt and matching white shorts, a pairs of slippers and a white towel.
"I think we are at a spa!" You say, assessing the items in your hands.
"Awesome! I'm so excited! He did say it would be a day of pampering." She responds.
"Yeah, but this is a Korean spa... My only understanding of this type of spa is from Kdramas... and I think we're supposed to be naked..." The shock on your BFF's face is clear.
"That can't be." She says. "Why would they give us these outfits then?"
"For the co-ed areas." You say. She shoots you a look of warning. She clearly isn't thrilled. You aren't either, but it's for your BIGBANG admirer... and secretly, you've wanted to try this. She pulls out her phone and opens a web browser. After a few minutes, she puts down the phone and turns to you.
"I cannot believe they get fully naked at the spa. According to this website, you don't even get a towel to drape statically. Everything is just hanging out there, for the whole world to see!!!"
"Well, it's not the whole world, it's just a few woman." You offer encouragingly, with an innocent smile. She glares at you! "Let's just get changed and try it out. I bet it won't be so bad once we're enjoying all the nice pampering." After a few moments you're both changed.
"I'm going to see so much more of you today, then I ever wanted to" she says under her breath as she places the Leia bun towel hat on her head. Just then, there is a knock at the door.
"You ready?" It's the girl from the front desk.
"Yes." You respond. She opens the door. She's holding an envelope and an Gerber daisy.
"These for you." She says with a smile, handing them to you. "One moment." She says. You set the flower down and open the envelope.
"I am so terribly sorry, but I am unable to join you today due to a scheduling conflict. Please enjoy your time here at the spa with out me. I do hope you are not bashful. I shall see you soon."
'Wait, he's not even coming and I have to get naked!" Your friend exclaims incredulously. Your heart sinks a little at the news.
"Yes, but I should be the upset one here." You joke. "We're still getting pampered though. So, we'll have a good time. Just be a good sport, ok? For me?" She glares at you again.
"Ok. I'll try it." The girl from the front desk walks back into the room holding two glasses filled with water and cut up fruits. She hands them to the two of you and then cuts across the room to open a door on the far side.
"Please come." She says motioning towards the door.
"Excuse me. Who left this note?" You ask her, holding up the envelope. She shakes her head.
"I only know you VIP. You get VIP treatment." You walk into the room to see two massage tables. It's warm in here, but not uncomfortably so. The lights are lowered and there is soft music playing. There is a woman at each table. They bow and you bow in return. They motion for you to strip and then get on the tables. Bestie looks at you again.
"Please?" You say. Once you've laid face down on the table, the woman at your side starts to ladle warm water onto your backside. After several minutes of this, she takes a thick muddy mixture out of a large bucket and starts applying it to your skin.
"What is that?" Your friend asks the lady at her side.
"Salt scrub." She replies.
"For dead skin." Your woman adds. She starts rubbing it in long, firm strokes over your legs, then your back and then your arms. She does this three times on each area and then washes it away with water. Then she has you turn over and starts on your front side. She's on the second application to your arms when she asks "First time?" She holds up your arm for you to see. There are rolls of grey, dead skin all over your arm. Gross.
"Yes. This is my first time." The woman chuckles.
"This is lifetime of dead skin." She seems thoroughly pleased with the results. After another half hour or so, she finishes. She holds up the robe for you. After a another few minutes, you're friend finishes. The women usher you through another door and to a young girl on the other side. She hands you glasses of fresh fruit water and leads you to a hall filled with little hut-like houses. She takes you to the closest one and indicates for you to stay for 10 minutes. At least, you think she's saying 10 minutes.
Once inside, you realize you're in a sauna. It is lined with rows of wooden benches. It's is very hot inside, but it is a dry heat and therefore not unbearable.
"That wasn't so bad." You say.
"No, but my skin is a little raw now." She replies.
"Oh god, how gross was all that dead skin they scrubbed off?"
"Don't remind me. I feel like a disgusting troll. I feel like I've never truly been clean before."
"Seriously. We may have to find one of these places back home and start going regularly." You muse. She shoots you a glare.
"Yeah, right! I'll just start adding sea salt to my body wash."
A knock on the door alerts you that the 10 minutes has elapsed. You exit the hut and the young girl motions for you to finish drinking the water in your glasses. She then guides you over to the next hut. As you head inside, she hands each of you another glass of water. This one has flower petals in it.
This sauna is slightly moist inside and has stone floors and benches with thin wooden mats to sit on. After the knock at the door, you exit and the girl ushers you to a third hut, hands you another glass of water. This time the water is normal. The sauna looks like it is made of clay on the inside and it had small, orange and red pebbles on the floor. This sauna is the most humid of all.
The next hut isn't a sauna at all. It's a warm room with mats on the floor. You're instructed to lay on the floor and rest.
"I have no idea what the purpose of all these saunas and rooms are for, but this is pretty cool." Your friend says.
"See, I told you. I think each sauna has a different healing property or something. After the body scrub, they probably wanted us to sweat out toxins."
"That makes sense."
After you finish in the huts, you're guided to a wet room with large pools and jacuzzi spa tubs. You leisurely take your time swimming and relaxing in the jacuzzis. There is no time limit in this area. You can stay as long as you like. Strangely, there is no one else in here with you. It's a big room, clearly meant to service a lot of people at one time. Maybe it's a slow day.
Once you've had your fill of the wet room you enter into a big dry sauna where you stay long enough to dry off. Then you're shown into a room with comfy couches and a large flat screen on the wall. It's playing music videos. You're told to make yourself comfortable. A woman brings you both a menu and hands you the remote to the TV.
"I guess it's lunch time." You say. The woman speaks decent English and does her best to explain the items on the menu. After several minutes you decide to order kimchi and bulgogi for the two of you to share. You flip through the channels and find a Kdrama you're familiar with. The woman appears and sets down two champaign glasses on the table in front of you.
"That's what this naked day has been missing... Alcohol!" Your friend exclaims.
After a leisurely lunch, you're guided into yet another room. This room has massage beds in it as well but this time you are instructed to lie face up.
"Time for facial." One of the woman says. While she applies treatment to your face, two more women start working on your hands, and another is working on your feet. By the time the facial is over, you've also had a complete manicure and pedicure. The woman who did your facial has you turn over onto your stomach and starts giving you a full body massage.
"I think I love your secret admirer." Your friend half moans from the other table. "I've completely changed my mind about this whole Korean Spa thing. We should totally do this back home." You smile.
"Is it a slow day? Where are all the other patrons?" You ask the woman massaging you.
"You VIP. You only guest." She answers.
At the end of your day full of pampering, you head back to the car. The driver hands you an envelope and instructs you not to open it until you're back at your hotel room...

Jewelry 2

You enter the restaurant. It is easily the fanciest place you have ever gone to eat before. You're wearing a sparkly, fitted dress. You're hair is in a pretty up do and you have on the bracelet you're admirer gave you.
The hostess guides you to an intimate table near a wall of windows. She hands you the menu. In the middle of the table is an envelope and a Gerber daisy. You smile and reach for the note. As you do, you notice there are only two place settings at the table.
"Oh, please don't tell me he is not coming." You say.
"Maybe this table is for the two of you and I'm going to sit in the corner, or eat in the kitchen or something." You bestie offers. You open the envelope and pull out the card.
"He's not coming." You say, disappointedly.
"How come? What does it say?"
"It hurts my heart to write these words to you. But I am unable to attend dinner this evening due to a schedule change. This restaurant is amazing. I have taken the liberty of ordering all seven courses for you, as I am not there to translate. Please enjoy."
"I'm so sorry, my dear." She offers. "Wait, did he say seven courses? Promise me you'll enjoy this with me and not dwell on his absence?"
"Ok. I promise." You pick up the menu. It is written in English.
1. Onion and garlic soup.
2. Pink champaign sorbet
3. Bibimbap
4. Kimchi
5. Seared duck and prawn salad
6. Orange & chocolate presentation
7. Tea & sweets
The waiter arrives with two classes of water and two champaign glasses. He then opens the bottle of champaign and pours a glass for each of you.
"This is seriously amazing." Your friend muses.
"I know. This is probably the fanciest meal either of us will ever have." You pick up your glass of champaign. "A toast?" She lifts her glass. "To winning contests" You say.
"To secret admirers." She adds.
"To friendship." You continue.
"To dreams." She finishes. You clink your glasses and drink. As you set your glass back down, the waiter arrives with the first course. He sets the bowls down in front of you. It smells amazing. The first bite confirms it tastes just as good as it looks. As the two of you eat, you discuss the amazing trip you've had so far.
The second course arrives. It's strange to both of you to have sorbet before the main course, but you dig in nonetheless. It's delicious.
"Maybe it's one of those pallet cleanser things." She offers.
"That probably makes the most sense."
The third and fourth courses are bibimbap and kimchi. Two dishes you are familiar with and have even tried back home. They are prepared really well and are light years better than the stuff you get at home.
The main course is so delectable, tender and moist. You've never had better food in your life. You're mastery of chopsticks has improved significantly with this meal. You've had a few fumbles, but thankfully they set the table with cutlery so you didn't feel like an uncoordinated savage.
Finally dessert arrives. It's so rich, they should rename it death by chocolate. Yum!
"You know what I'm thinking about?" Your BFF asks over tea.
"Nope. What's on your mind?"
"I was thinking about how no one at home will really be able to understand this amazing experience we've had here in Korea. I mean, already it's far surpassed anything I could have anticipated. And when we tell them, they'll think it's cool and be excited for us. But no one else will truly get it. You know?" To be honest, you hadn't thought about it. You've been pretty caught up in the moment. But now that she's brought it up, you try to imagine what it will be like when you get home.
"Yeah... and what will life be like when we get home? No one will be able to relate and real life, normal life just can't compare to this trip of a lifetime. Ugh. I don't want to think about going back home. We have a few days left. I propose we live in blissful ignorance as long as possible."
"You got yourself a deal."
"I am very happy I am sharing this all with you, though. We are experiencing this together; at least there will be one person who understands."
The car is waiting for you outside the restaurant. The driver hands you an envelope then tells you to wait until after you return to the hotel to open it...
*If you're a vegetarian or vegan, substitute any items listed above with a vegetarian or vegan dish for your enjoyment.

Teddy Bear 2

You wake up to discover you're still dressed from the night before. You smile when you realize that means you're still wearing Taeyang's hoodie. Then you realize you're cuddling an adorable teddy bear and the memories from the night before flood your mind, shooting you straight up in the bed.
"I have a date with one of the members of BIGBANG!!!" You shout and jump out of bed excitedly. You tear open the curtains and momentarily shy away from the bright sunshine pouring in through the windows. What time is it? You find your phone charging on the nightstand. Your bestie must have plugged it in for you. It says 11:37am. You head into the common areas; the living room and kitchen. The whole suite is quiet. "She must still be sleeping." You say to yourself. You're too excited to wait for her to get up so you decide to head to her room.
Silence fills the room and your friend looks so peaceful, deeply lost in dreamland. You momentarily consider letting her sleep, but quickly trade that idea and decide to give her a wake up call like only you can. You quietly walk to the window and tear the curtains open. Then you jump on the bed.
"Wake up, sleepy head!" You yell. She rolls over, rubbing her eyes.
"WTF, dude?" She says, sleepily. You bounce down on the bed next to her.
"It's time to get up! We've got somewhere to be, remember?"
"What time is it?" She asks.
"Almost noon." She opens her eyes and stares at you for a moment.
"Have you looked in the mirror?"
"No, why?"
"Dude, you're a hot mess!" She says.
"Alright, I will jump in the shower and de-messify myself. You get your ass up and get ready to go. We'll meet downstairs for breakfast. Deal?"
"Sounds good. Now get off the bed."
You head back to your bathroom and chuckle at yourself in the mirror. You are a hot mess. There's mascara and lipstick smeared across your face and a row of fake eyelashes is stuck to the side of your cheek.
After an hour and a half, you are clean, clothed, fed and beautified and the two of you are in the car being whisked you away to wherever your idol admirer plans to take you. You're anxious with anticipation. The car stops outside what looks like a large shopping mall. The driver opens your door and hands you an envelope and a Gerber daisy. He explains the place you're going is right inside the door and up the escalator.
You open the envelope and read the note as you walk in.
"I regret to inform you I will not be joining you today as our schedule has changed. The card I left for you last night is preloaded to cover any expenses you may incur today. It is only good for this location. Please use it."
"He's not coming." She takes the card from your hand and reads it.
"Okay, that's unfortunate, but we have free money to go play with! We should definitely use it. He would be upset if we didn't." She pulls you in the direction of the mall. Once inside, you take the escalator which leads right to an arcade. You walk inside and much to your amazement, you have arrived at the coolest looking arcade you could imagine. Surely you haven't seen anything like this back home.
It is huge. Simply enormous. There are rows of claws machines with all kinds of different things in them, dance and music games, photo booths, air hockey, pool tables, a bowling alley, Fruit Ninja, Flappy Bird, Wheel of Fortune, basketball, table tennis, even a claw machine with ice cream in it.
"Oh my god! Where do we even start?" You exclaim. You feel like a kid in a candy store. You want to do it all.
"I have no idea!" You buddy responds. "This is the coolest pace on earth. I think this place gives Disneyworld a run for it's money." You walk along the rows of games and activities trying to figure out which one to do first, when you notice they have skee ball. You pull your friend over to them.
"I figured it out. We're doing this first." You look at the machine to figure out how much it costs to play. There aren't any slots to insert coins or tokens, but in place of it, there is a card reader.
"Oh, that must be for the card he gave you." You pull the card out of your purse and slide it across the reader. Immediately the balls drop and you're able to play. You pick up the balls and roll them up the lane one by one. At the end of the game a little light flashes at you and you push the button next to it. After a moment, a slip of paper prints out. You don't understand a thing it says.
"I wonder what we're supposed to do with this?" You question.
"Let's take it to the counter and ask." Your bestie suggests. You head over to the counter. As you get up to it you can tell it's also a concession stand of sorts. You can see popcorn popping, hot dogs turning and there are racks of candy and chip bags on the wall. The attendant waves you over. You ask him your question. His English is not good. But you're able to figure out that it's a print out of the tickets you won playing the game. At the bottom is the balance that remains on the card you used. When you're all done and ready to cash out your tickets, you just feed the slips into one of counting machines and then take your ticket total to the prize shop and pick your prizes.
"How much is left on the card?" You ask. He looks closely at the slip of paper and then back at you in surprise. It took a little work on both your parts but you're pretty sure he said 3,405,000 won. "Is that a lot?" You ask. "That's a lot, right?" He nods. Your friend pulls out her phone and after a moment she has plugged the numbers into a converter.
"Dude! We have $2,865 to play with!"
"Are you serious?" You grab the phone from her hands. "Well, then, What do we want to do next? At that point, you decide to play everything at least once. You have enough money to, so why not? You end up playing three rounds of bowling since you tied after two. She won the third round, and after that you both decided it was time to move on.
You spend some time at the photo booths. These ones let you edit before you print. There are photo machines that make you look like Kpop idols and Kdrama stars, glamour booths where you can choose virtual clothes to wear. You take what feels like a thousand pictures before moving back to some games. After a couple hours, you're both starving and head back to the counter for some concessions. You stuff your faces with Korean versions of greasy, American junk food and then head back to the gaming.
The time flies by and before you know it, it's after 8pm. You've spent all day here. You decide to cash in your tickets and start looking at the prize shop. You're amazed when you get over there. It's an entire room just with prizes. Some cost so many tickets they keep them in locked glass cases. You have enough tickets you could get almost anything in the shop. However, you have your eyes on a BIGBANG knit blanket hanging on the back wall. Your bestie chooses a Hello Kitty plushie and a paint kit. You still have a over a thousand tickets left, which you mutually decide to use on an assortment of candy.
You carry your loot out to the waiting car. The driver starts the engine before driving off, turns around in his seat. He hands you an envelope and tells you to wait until you reach your room to open it...

****I hope you all had fun on the outing your secret admirer planned for you... because I'm about to break some hearts. Sorry guys.****

You reach your hotel room and immediately rip open the envelope. You nearly opened it in the car on more than once occasion, but the driver was watching you in the rearview mirror. You were dying to find out what it says the whole way here. And now, finally, you get the chance to find out. You pull the paper out of the envelope and start to read.
"Again, I apologize for my last minute absence today. I very much wish to have joined you. However, perhaps it was for the best. I have done some thinking and have decided I am not yet ready to reveal myself to you. I imagine you are probably curious as to my identity so I will not leave you completely in the dark. I will tell you the name of a member I am not. Hopefully that will be enough for now. I am not _________"

To find out which member of BIGBANG is not your secret admirer, find the color you chose in Part 2.

If you previously chose the color WHITE, your answer is below:
White + Balloons means: Your secret admirer is NOT Taeyang.
White + Chocolate means: Your secret admirer is NOT Daesung.
White + Jewelry means: Your secret admirer is NOT Seungri.
White + Teddy Bear means: Your secret admirer is NOT G-Dragon.
If you previously chose the color YELLOW, your answer is below:
Yellow + Balloons means: Your secret admirer is NOT Daesung.
Yellow + Chocolate means: Your secret admirer is NOT Seungri.
Yellow + Jewelry means: Your secret admirer is NOT G-Dragon.
Yellow + Teddy Bear means: Your secret admirer is NOT TOP.
If you previously chose the color RED, your answer is below:
Red + Balloons means: Your secret admirer is NOT Seungri.
Red + Chocolate means: Your secret admirer is NOT G-Dragon.
Red + Jewelry means: Your secret admirer is NOT TOP.
Red + Teddy Bear means: Your secret admirer is NOT Taeyang.
If you previously chose the color PINK, your answer is below:
Pink + Balloons means: Your secret admirer is NOT G-Dragon.
Pink + Chocolate means: Your secret admirer is NOT TOP.
Pink + Jewelry means: Your secret admirer is NOT Taeyang.
Pink + Teddy Bear means: Your secret admirer is NOT Daesung.
If you previously chose the color ORANGE, your answer is below:
Orange + Balloons means: Your secret admirer is NOT TOP.
Orange + Chocolate means: Your secret admirer is NOT Taeyang.
Orange + Jewelry means: Your secret admirer is NOT Daesung.
Orange + Teddy Bear means: Your secret admirer is NOT Seungri.

If you just lost your bias, I apologize. However, there is more game to play, so don't give up yet!

It's choosing time again. Your options are:




Make sure to comment your choice below. And stay tuned for Part 7.

If you would like me to add you to my tag list for this game, let me know.

I lost GD T^T I choose candles
Taeyang ~ OUT! G-Dragon ~ OUT! I'm excited like based of the dinner whoever it is treated me too we are meant to be! I choose... LANTERN!
I still got t.o.p as an option :-). I think I'll choose the lantern. :-/
I lost Taeyang ... sigh, giggle ... but not my bias. Guess I'll choose ... candles? Oh, and please add me to the tag list
I still have Taeyang, Daesung, and T.o.p lol I choose the Flashlight.
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