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Last night, Mac Miller took to Twitter to stir a socially minded conversation.
Mac began by deconstructing the notion that reverse racism is working against white Americans. "Also white people, reverse racism isn't real. Racism describes a system built to keep a race or ethnicity away from success and evolution," said Mac on Twitter.
“We are all not the same,” he later wrote. “We are all different, different cultures, and all of them beautiful. The whole ‘everybody is the same’ is weak.” After that though, Mac opened up the floor to an audience that largely composes his fanbase, white fans of rap. “What have you done for the #BlackLivesMatter movement,” he asked, with a wide variety of responses coming in.
Mac later went on to tell his fans to not elect Donald Trump as the President of the United States.
Mac rarely engages in deep conversations on social media, but when he does they normally hit home. How do you feel about the comments made by Miller?
I'm glad he used his influence this way. Also, I love the last part about him not telling his followers to not vote for DTrump!
I agree with him and I'm honestly moved by his words
I never thought ill of him or anything. I just didn't even think about him, but this puts him on my radar and helped me find A LOT of respect for him.
Mac Miller is def a true hip hop head and a good dude for the most part big ups to him
I'm so in shocked this is amazing