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The 1990s were a simpler time - at least in the realm of kid birthday parties. You went out for laser tag or group-watched a movie. You had slumber parties or rented the 'party room' at your local roller rink. However, sometime between then and now, Skrillex happened - which brings us to the latest trend in children's birthday parties - KIDDIE RAVES.

Introducing CirKiz - it's like that neon EDM-packed post-apocalypse you used to go to in college. But with safer goodie bags.

You got your wildin' out, glowstick-wielding white bros.

Guy with a cool haircut working the 1's and 2's.

The person who's been going hard on fruit punch all night.

And the one in the corner, currently regretting the fruit punch.

CirKiz was created by some NYC-based, EDM-loving parents - Jesse Sprague and Jenny Song - who wanted to create a special place "where families can listen and dance to DJs, see live performances, and experience a nightclub environment in a safe, controlled daytime setting."
Available in both New York and London, parents can choose one of several popular warehouse venues and trendy nightclubs for their CirKiz-sponsored event.
One such venue, I was surprised to learn, is Cielo, a New York spot known for hosting some pretty 'high-brow' house and trance DJs. In fact, that's exactly where Jesse and Jenny first came up with their Cirkiz idea:
"We had [our son's] 1st birthday party at Cielo. We invited friends with kids and friends without. It was so much fun for everyone we decided to make it an annual event but in different clubs. The message we got from all our friends was clear and consistent: 'You should do this professionally and turn it into a business... I'd pay to go.' So after years of just doing it for fun, we finally got our act together and did exactly that."
Currently, CirKiz is hosting a 'winter series' of raves at NYC's Space Ibiza on Sundays, where ticket prices range from $15 - 20 per person. You can check out more details at their official website or you can be like me and just stare at these pictures, feeling equal parts confused and disturbed.

With that being said:

What do you guys think? Is combining kids and rave culture a good idea or bad idea?

Let me know in the comments below. (Also shout-out to the LED robot in this picture up here. For a part-time job, that's - admittedly - rad as hell.)
Sorry. No. Not Happening. This is ridiculous. The only way I would let the minion have a party like this is if he was into dj'ing or this type of music, etc. and it has nothing to do with drugs. Sorry but I'm a much more involved parent than that. A rave themed birthday party wouldn't be the thing that set my son on the path to destruction. 馃檮 My issue with this is that there is nothing to DO. I have an 8 year old and we just had his party. They want to eat and they want to play games and have fun. I have, at the request of some of my dance students' mothers' hosted dance themed birthday parties. They always insist that putting on music and letting them dance will suffice. It never does. In less than half an hour, they get bored and start running around in circles, screaming and squealing. >.< Obviously, in a pinch, I'm never, ever at a loss. I can improvise and teach a dance. (I saw that Dani. But what about smaller parties?) But it's always best to have something planned to DOOOOO. That's my issue with parties like this. Meh. Besides. Seriously. Is that what you want to remember doing with your ONE YEAR OLD?! Whatever. It's your life... Lol
Well, if you take the history of the relation between raves and drugs out of the equation, its nothing but a party with night lights every where.
I think its kinda disturbing
I kinda have the same perspective @BluBear07 I think if these kids are exposed to stuff like this in a positive way (which it looks like they are!), then what's the need for drugs? Parents can teach how be be safe and have fun at places like this
I second that.....I don't want to see kids raving at such an early age. It also won't be as fun when they go to an actual, legit rave when they grow older!
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