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"The Venice Carnival is the largest and most important Venetian festival, an appreciated cocktail of tradition, entertainment, history and transgression in a unique city, a festival that attracts thousands of people from around the world each year. The Carnival has very old origins. It is a festival that celebrates the passage from winter into spring, a time when seemingly anything is possible, including the illusion where the most humble of classes become the most powerful by wearing masks on their faces. "-Venicecarnival.com Photographer Kah Kit Yoong [http://www.magichourtravelscapes.com/]
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@mikyung0412 Definitely one of the festivals that I will go to for sure some day. :D
i wanna dress up too, that looks like soo much fun....
Oh, my god. Me too! I've always wanted to dress up like that.
I want towear like that when I'm hiding from something......
@ziphertrese :D It would do a good job of hiding your identity for sure.