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This week is definitely high school drama week. Where we can make a card about our favorite high school dramas of all time! For more amazing drama challenges stay tuned to @kpopandkimchi cards. I chose to make a card about this drama just because I love a lot of the actors that were in this drama.(Including Vixx member, N, and Apink member, Eunji.) In this card I'm going to inform you of the friendships that are worth keeping!

FRIENDSHIPS Worth Keeping:

The ones that support you and cheer you on! ✌

The ones that defend and protect you!

The ones that hold your drink for you and support you while a protest or during frustration!

The ones that are right by your side when you need them most. Even if it's just to hear you.

The ones that make you laugh and play with you!

The ones that follow you even after you told them to get lost or when no one else is still by your side!

& the ones that share their Gummy Bears with you! Lol

I hope this card helped a little to understand friendships! Now if you ever need a lending hand? I'm always here to at least hear you. :) I'm not sure about sharing my Gummy Bears but I'll definitely be here to comfort you :) & if you haven't done a high school drama card, what are you waiting for?
@AnnahiZaragoza You know it's a good drama when you can't stop hitting the next button lol. I can't wait to catch up this weekend. I hope the writer doesn't break my heart by creating a complicated relationship!
@AnnahiZaragoza wow you've already finished episode 8! We're officially at the same pace. I couldn't catch up for two weeks because I've been busy. Glad you liked it though!
@cindystran so a couple days after this comment I decided to go check out Oh My Venus and all I can say is that I'm Hooked!!! Aaah!! Thanks for mentioning this drama it will definitely go as my number 1 favorite drama depending on the ending!! :D Can't wait for ep 9!
@AnnahiZaragoza Okay! I will after I'm done with Oh My Venus. :)
@cindystran Thank you! You should check it out! It's not the best but it's still a really good drama.
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