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Derrick Rose breathed life into a once-riddled franchise, but it looks like the team is now ready to head in another direction.
Ever since winning the NBA MVP award, it has been a downward spiral in regards to production for Rose.

With free agency looming, is it time for the Bulls to move Rose via trade?

Since winning the MVP award, Rose has suffered multiple serious knee injuries.
The team has also moved in a different direction with playing style and personelle over the past three seasons. Chicago has a new star wing in Jimmy Butler, who has been dominating the majority of the touches on offense.
With that being said, everyone knows that it takes some time for players to regain confidence and speed after serious knee injuries. Their has been flashes of brilliance from Rose, but he has struggled (like many players on the team) to find his way in the offensive scheme installed by their new coach Fred Hoiberg. Rose is only 27 years old, and is about to enter the prime years of his career.

Should the Bulls move Rose or keep him on the roster?

hmmm move him
They should move on,he's injury prone. He's not explosive like he use to be and that was his only advantage.
I don't know if any other teams would take him personally...and he's definitely being overpaid right now. So if he demands more money, then the Bulls should just let him go.