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Meet Lana Anthony Kane my spirit animal... Grrrr Lana Anthony Kane is a field agent at ISIS as well as Sterling's current girlfriend and the mother of child AJ. Lana has aspirations for advancement as a master spy and has considered positions offered by, both at their international headquarters and as Regional Director for the Americas although her strongly leftist views often cause friction between her and her job.
Sometimes we make people say "Damn Gina" yes that is in a Archer episode lol and it was said by Pam Besides us sharing similar body things no I don't have dinosaur hands and I don't clump when I am walking. But when I am mad I do have a dictator like walks. My bf has to warn me we have people that live downstairs. Have to cos play her one day
Not funny dude, not funny Random fact:Archer (2009) Lana's nicknames include Truckasaurus, Monster Hands, Shirley Temper, Johnny Bench, and Spray and Pray. Nearly all the names relate to her large hands.
Seriously Serious about work Lana and I take things very serious. Even when sometimes they are not met to be serious. We look for facts and clues (Google and Lexis Nexus for me). We are prepared for pretty much everyone and everything that comes our way and our emotions can get messed with a bit. Using Cryil to get attention and make Archer jealous. Seems legit
Weapons She loves her tec 9 guns. She can also use many different weapons includibg C4 and chopper guns (do not know the actual name ) I do not have any guns but I do have a baseball bat that I know can hurt lol. The last time I shot a gun was for school and the bullet ricocheted and hit my FBI professor in the head. Go figure, my luck .
Did not follow the path my family wanted Lana's parents wanted a scientist and she did not want that. She wanted to be an activist and a spy. My family was not happy with my Criminal Justice route, taking the police test passing it, being a volunteer officer especially during 9/11 and my temporary, semi approved application to the FBI. I just needed another degree to pair with the one I had. Unfortunately life happens. So at least I can live through Lana.
SWEET DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESES Sweet jesters from someone that pisses you off but can't live without in a good way. Hell anyone in a relationship can understand that noise! Archer and Lana will fight and come together some way or some how. Even though that was not a dream for Lana but it was sweet.
Taking control I take control of situation when they get too crazy and out of hand. Lana does the same and also has a great moral compass. Even though she does shove stuff in Archer's face. Friendly competition.
NOPE That is my first answer to anything. if it sounds like it could kill me or anybody I know I will always say no first. unless there's an actual good reason to and you would really have to lay on the table. Lana goes through this with Mallory alot. She usually does not disclose the entire mission before they go on it. Sometimes Lana is walking in blind with Archer who never reads the dossier. So yes totally Danger Zone
To be honest yes, Lana is my spirit animal. However I do have some elements of Archer. of course being pervy and saying phrasing. A lot ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ Singing out L A Von York Madame Deadpool Wilson ♥
@danidee yes they are. I try to go out with my Bf cameras and I can't seem to get crap so I will stick to cell phone photographer 😂😂
@LAVONYORK That's really cool! I love photographers. They're really good at seeing space from a completely different perspective than most.
@blubear07 I have been told I am heavy handed for a girl lol I put my hand on someone's shoulder trying to say hi and they are like ouch. Like I did a Kerger bot grip 😂😂
This is awesome. I can deff see you as lana. She just lets Archer think hes in control but we all know who calls the shots!😉 I have very large hands for a girl so I can totally identify with lanas struggles lol.
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