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"Planting The rice cycle is generally about three months long, with rice seeds typically planted in early spring. Seeds are often put into seedbeds for germination (spr outing) and early growth. While seeds can be spread directly onto the land, saving labor cost and time, th is results in far lower crop yields. As the seeds germinate, the land is flooded in preparation for transplanting." -National Geographic Expeditions Photographers listed in order of pictures shown: Jason Arney [www.jasonarney.com] Andre Arment [andrearment.com] Miyamoto Y. [flickr.com/photos/44671323@N08] Foo Weng [http://500px.com/fooweng]
@madhu That, I'm not sure about myself. I wonder if @Tapsamai would know?
where would they get watet
@cheerfulcallie Hey, that's totally understandable. I just know you're going to visit Laos or another country in the future. You'll have such a good time. :)
wow, i feel so jelly atm b/c ive never traveled outside of the states....no, ive never even been back home to Laos to visit either but i do want too someday. i guess you can say i am hesitant b/c ive never been any where else but here so of course traveling to asia would be extremely intimidating for me but yes, i do want too someday.....
@alise Also, wow. Lucky! That's so cool that you were able to visit. Was it your first time seeing Vietnam?
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