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In exactly 2 hours i need to meet up with my friends for shopping but I'm still in my pjs, having last night's spaghetti for breakfast, thinking whether I should go or not! I think that's the reason my close friends trust me as much as they would trust a hungry lion for not making them his meal! I know I'm such a bad friend but i can do nothing abt it! Teehee :D
That's true with me too. I have to drink iced coffee. Otherwise I'm like zzzzz.
@danidee coffee don't work on me. Actually i drink coffee in winter before going to sleep lol
I just need to make coffee happen more often in my life lol.
@danidee nap before friends always sounds better lol! But I must stop lazing around like a potato all day!
I kind of hate it because I always pass on hanging out with friends because a nap sounds better lol.
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