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I recently (well yesterday actually) read a card by my good friend @christianmordi on the possibility of Dwight Howard being traded from the Houston Rockets to a different team. Well, I don't watch that many Rockets game, but I was interested to see how D. Howard was doing so I looked up some of his recent performances...

And after I saw this, I definitely would not want him if I was the GM of the Houston Rockets!

4 points, 4 rebounds, 5 fouls in 28 minutes.

Yeap. He definitely needs to be gone especially if he is "extremely unhappy" in Houston.

Check this out....and tell me whether he's top class or not.

@mchlyang he should be 20 and 10 every night MINIMUM. If he leaves, then he shouldn't get a deal anywhere.
Howard has never been relevant, everywhere he goes he's not happy. Dude acts like he's in high school still,just shut up and play ball.
@mchlyang If he could've made it work in LA, Kobe might have 7 rings. He's far from Elite.
@BossDominata Ahh that would def make the league more interesting for sure.....but anyhow, he needs to change his attitude if he wants to be remembered as a top class player.
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