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Hey YG what's up with that full MADE album though YG: "We working hard"
Alright guys basically the run down is: YG made an announcement the Big Bang won't be performing at the end of the year award shows because they're working on the MADE album [Which is great and I'm super excited about it, but it's just that meanwhile as he says this]
Seungri and Daesung are chilling out in Hawaii lmao
They are me in class: me: *staring off into space, think about kpop stars/ on vingle* teacher: KwonOfAKind what are you doing over there.... me: working hard teacher ....... im- I'm working hard ~(^.^)~
I don't know I just found this kinda funny lol There's nothing wrong with a little down time XD . . . . But still I know when that MADE album drops I gonna buy it so quick ~(^.^)~
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haha, yea they are on vacation right now but I thought the same thing. Daesung and RiRi over here in the states having big fun meanwhile gd, top, and tae in Korea. one chillin in his Villa, another out clubbing and eating octopus with friends, and tae? don't know what he doing, probably with his gf. lol, I love it!!! they make me happy. and yes as soon as the album drop, I'm getting it.