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My good friend from the Fitness community (and just in case you guys haven't joined it, you should go join it ASAP ---->, @marshalledgar posted a fun card about chest workouts!
You guys should all go check it out here ------> Improv Chest Routine
But his comment about how "every dude in America seems to hit chest on that day [Monday] more than any other," reminded me of these funny memes that I saw a few months back!

It just feels right you know.

Do you guys hit your chest on Mondays as well?

I'm guilty on this one.
thanks for including me! @mchlyang I learned EARLY ON to avoid chest on Mondays. My blood boils and it gets worse than road rage. No, I don't juice. But the sarms...not sure if that counts as natty or not. I'm guessing, NOT.
I kinda just do chest whenever. I actually used to avoid doing it on Mondays because that's when everyone else is doing it.
@marshalledgar Hahaha no problem! I'll try to update more fitness stuff next year!
@alywoah I should avoid it too...but its not as bad at the gym I workout in. I like to go in the early mornings...and it would feel so awkward for me not to do chest on Mondays!
i understand chest early mornings...but still. Mondays, for me flex between my wheels and these 3D delts I'm working on. hahahahahha @mchlyang