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Thank's for the random Internet trolling before I official go to bed. I did find a quiz that seems to be absolutely fun to take. Winchester family, I took the quiz and I ended up as Dean, which I am not mad at! Lol Here is the link to the quiz. Have fun take the Quiz and post your answers in the comments! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Quiz link! Have fun! L A Von Winchester If you want to be tagged please DM and I can add you to the Supernatural tag as well. Also if you want to be removed please DM, I do understand tags can be bothersome to some. Also and Supernatural related cards please tag @lavonyork so I can add it to the collection! Thanks
lol I"m Kevin
Crowley. Not displeased!
@shannonl5 apparently @GrowingArt is another one to avoid. lol
I got Dean-o😙
Lmao. CHARLIE. Are we EVEN surprised? No. We're not. 💜
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