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Just felt like this is something I should talk about for a quick minute. Over the years I've seen so many talented and inventive people doing cosplay, I have always admired what they do yet have never made the attempt myself. Not really my bag, but I love seeing others dressing up and showing off what they've worked so hard to create. But the big issue which is actually getting worse over the years that I've noticed is others being negative towards cosplayers. Weather its rude comments to them, or even talking behind their back about their costume or their choice character or worst of all... their body! This really grinds my gears to be perfectly honest with you all, not only because thats not something humans in general should do much less in the cosplay community! It's supposed to be fun for EVERYONE! Thats right, everyone. No matter what they look like to others or who their dressing up to be, it shouldn't be a contest (unless you're entering a contest I guess) or trying to top all others out there. It's about getting together, making friends, enjoying the company of others who share your interests. Quite similer to here on Vingle actually, I've been here a little over a month now and am vary happy to see almost everyone here being awesome to one another and keeping positive words flowing. Thats how life should be too! Sorry everyone but I just felt the need to put this out there. To those of you this may apply to, Do What Makes You Happy!!! We Got Your Back! ^_^ thanks to those who took the time to read.
I don't care what race, religion, body type etc. If you want to cosplay as something you do it! There are so many innovative ways to cosplay, as long as you have fun doing it, it's alright with me . Shame on anyone who thinks someone is wrong for cosplaying because of their body type or any other reason.
it doesn't matter at all about the body type you can always change that and I don't cosplay but if you enjoy it just have fun doing it and ignore the negative comments you get
Thank you for sharing this! I think you're totally right, everyone should be as positive in real life as Vinglers are. @kamijo were just talking about this yesterday actually! Cosplay is about having fun and sharing something cool with your fellow fans. If someone is body-shaming a cosplayer, they're doing it wrong
Honestly @BrittneyCasteel that was the exact post that was the last straw for me. After seeing the hating lunacy spread to Vingle is when I decided to vent a little and create this card in support of those who get talked down to or ridiculed. It's gotten so much worse over the years and I can't stand people that take that whole high n mighty or holier than thou attitude and bring it into the cosplay world. I just have no tolerance for it even though it has nothing to do with me personally, but when it comes down to it, if anyone gets picked on or looked down on I have their back. Can't stand any form of bullying basically and figured I'd show my support this way. ^_^
@kamijo, this made me think of your post!
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