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@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll Songang is a really cool university that is right near universities like Yonsei and Ehwa! Eating out is because the Yonsei dorms don't have the best kitchen and its pretty cheap to eat at Korean places instead of buying your own food :3 Definitely try to study abroad in Seoul!!
@zaneh why do you have to eat out every night? I am majoring in Communications with focus in Culture communications and marketing. I saw also that if I decide to go with Seattle U's study abroad program I would go to Songang in Seoul through the sponsored program or the CIEE; I am reading more on that and the difference. Is your tuition a lot with doing the study abroad, etc/
How long have you been in Korea? Which school in California are you attending? I really want to do the study abroad program. I am in the military right now and about to get out to go full time with my school and thinking of going to Seattle U. I know they have a good study abroad program that I've read about. I figured it would be a bit pricey of course compared to the US. But did you just buy all your things there instead of shipping it from the US? I was thinking depending on how my medical stuff goes maybe next year. I am trying to meet others that are in Korea to network and students who are doing the study abroad program. I appreciate all and great information you have given me. I am really planning my next goal in life. :)
@OnLyTiM3CaNt3Ll I am originally from Washington, D.C. but I go to college in California where I am majoring in Politics & Intl Relations. I did the study abroad program that my school recommended which is CIEE. And it is a bit pricey out here especially since you have to buy a lot to get settled here and you have to eat out practically every night. I don't have any biological family out here but I do have a Korean family that I lived with a few years ago who takes care of me and feeds me when I have time to get away from school and visit them :) When are you thinking of coming to Korea?
@zaneh Well, another question where you from originally that you did the exchange program? I've been wanting to do that. What's your major? Mine is Communications in culture and marketing. I want to live and go to school in korea. Is it a bit pricey? You have family there?
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