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I've decided to do another "Wait...What?!" card featuring a whole bunch of menu fails. Typos and awkward translations show up on menus all of the time, but most of the time, they're totally harmless. The funniest ones, however, are the ones that really make you go 'Huh?!'
I found some pretty hilarious menu errors that I thought would be a perfect addition to the "Wait.. What?!" cards we've done so far, so without further ado, IT'S MENU TIME!!!!

I wonder what the secret ingredient is.

Personally not my taste, but who am I to judge?

Damn, someone must be really bad at making dip.

If 'Human Sauce' isn't your thing, I recommend the Monogolian.


"99 bottles of bears on the wall, 99 bottles of bears..."

Hehehe, fried bum.

Hey, does anyone remember The Darkness? Welp, now we know where they've been all this time.

I hope you enjoyed my fantastically strange list of menu typos and LOLs! If you can find any more, feel free to make another card showing them off. The more WTFs, the better!

Your added commentary made this freaking HILARIOUS! "RUTHLESSLY THOUGH!" 馃槀
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I want me a good guys burger
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@shannonl5 Lol...I can just imagine when @danidee sees this whole thing
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@IMNII A bad touch to the ear...between cousins....that sounds illegal in most places....
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