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Best Thing About Spring: The Butterflies
For those not aware, butterflies are insects and insects are animals. "Each species of butterfly has its own hostplant range and while some species of butterfly are restricted to just one species of plant, others use a range of plant species, often including members of a common family. The egg stage lasts a few weeks in most butterflies but eggs laid close to winter, especially in temperate regions, go through a diapause (resting) stage, and the hatching may take place only in spring."-Wikipedia Photographers listed in order as pictures shown: Jacinthe Brault [http://www.redbubble.com/people/clomani] jjjj56cp [http://www.flickr.com/photos/25171569@N02/] Inckurei [http://inckurei.deviantart.com/] Friendfrog [http://friendfrog.deviantart.com/] J. Mark Edmonds [http://500px.com/Edmonds] _Sinan_ [http://500px.com/_sinan_]
i love buterfly
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nice picture!!
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