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The Feels

I put on my outfit which was a black snap back which had colorful graffiti sprayed on saying Wolf, a crop white shirt with tears in the front like wolf's claws ripped it. A black sports bra is hiding behind. A white and black crop jock jacket, and I was also wearing black baggy jeans with tears on each side and skin is seen. To finish it off I put on converses that matched my hat. I chose this to wear because it was easy to dance in and plus you got to make a first impression. My cousin emily chose Baggy faded blue jeans, some black converse, a white cropped shirt, denim vest, and a SnapBack. Kaela wore the same thing but  she was sports themed. We stood in a circle and put our hands on each other's. "Alright, We have to make a good first impression, do you guys have the dance and song down?" I look at both of them, "Yes." Kaela says with a bright smile. She can't stop smiling and neither can Emily. Emily has 2 biases from EXO; D.O. and Kai. Kaela has one bias, but he's taking a break at the moment. I have 5 and the rest are my bias wreckers. IT'S HARD TO CHOOSE. "1, 2, 3, INFINITE!" We throw our hands in the air and Jae walks over to us. "Alright, so the boys are ready, are you guy's?" Emily nods and I speak up, "I don't know if I can do this, I'm so nervous." I fiddle with my jacket. "You'll be fine, I'll go tell the guy's you're ready." He skips off into another room. Oh man, what if I embarrass myself? I can't do this. I turn around and take a breath. No, I can do this. Emily puts a hand on my shoulder, "Let's go." She smiles and we began heading towards the door. Jae stands there and opens the door and ushers us in, "Good luck." He gives us a thumbs up and shoves us in there. I can't believe this is happening. I don't know what to feel, excited or nervous.

Meet and Greet

We stood in front of the eleven wolves with smiles on our faces with hearts racing. Jae clapped his hands together and broke the silence, "So this is Infinite, the three girls we told you about earlier." I watched Tao tap Luhan on the shoulder and say something. I started to blush, I forgot to tell you I can read lips. I can't believe he just called us hot. But that's Tao for you. I quietly snickered at the thought and Jae looked at me with a confused expression.  I acted like nothing happened and played it cool.  I'll tell the girls later. Kai speaks up, "Well, Tell us your names and tell us something about you." I look over at Baekhyun, who has a slight frown and puffy eyes. We lock eyes for a second and he thrn looks away. Poor Baekhyun, All these rumors must be hard on him. I finally tune back to reality when Emily started her introduction, "My name is Mina and I love playing video games, I'm the tallest yet I'm the youngest and mamy people have told me I have muscular arms." Emily gives off a smile and Kaela starts, "My name is Hana and I love sports. I even play a few. I also love to read and listen to music." Emily and Kaela look at me and so does the eleven wolves, "Yo, I mean, Hi. My name is Ahri. I love to dance, read comic books, watch animes, draw, and play video games. Video games are life, Wooh~" I raise my hands a bit and do spirit fingers then I cross my arms behind my back. "Alright, well, boys introduce yourself." Jae ushers them to stand. "Hello, We are EXO. We are one!" They all bow at the same time and so do we. "Alright, Infinite will be in the room next to yours but no sneaking out after dark so here are your room keys girls, you 14 have fun, get to know eachother." He hands us the cards, winks and skips off. This is going to be fun. We stood in silence for a bit and then D.O. speaks up, "If you don't mind, can you sing for us?" I shoved my elbow into Emily's side and whispered, "I told you." She rolled her eyes and said sure. I walked over to the piano that was conveniently placed in the room and there was a guy conveniently sitting down on the bench, I handed him the pages with the notes to play.. "The song is titled State Of  Mind, We made it on the way over here." Kaela smiles and most of the guys give a surprised look. Emily smirks and we stand in a formation like a greater sign (>). The guys sit down and the man starts playing. Kaela begins to sing; They say we're too young to amount to anything else Look around We work too damn hard for this Just to give it up now The world I see is beautiful The wonder takes my breathe away Nothing surrounding us will Stay the same You can lift your head up to the sky Take a deeper breath And give it time You can walk the path of all lies With your shattered frame of mind. I step to the front and tilt my hat over my head. I begin my rap and start to dance then Kaela and Emily follows behind; Confident principles, valuable dignity (uh huh) My eye smile is a given, my tears are my weapon (that’s right) My smile is fire, it’ll burn you up (burn) You want it, come and get it now, if you don’t wanna, that’s too bad. I stand still and make a pose then sing the korean part; Ni mameul kkaemulgo domangchil geoya goyangicheoreom Neon jakku andari nal geoya nae apeuro wa eoseo hwanaeboryeom Nae seksihan georeum ni meori soge balttongeul geoneun Eungeunhan seukinship eolgure bichin mot chama jukkkettan ni nunbit Galsurok gipi deo ppajeodeureo Alsurok niga deo mame deureo Baby Amuraedo ni saenggage chwihaennabwa. Emily walks up to the front and starts singing hers; I am the proudest, I never say sorry (nope) Being fake is a given, I’m really smart (yes) My smile is killa because it makes everyone die (oops) You want it, come and get it now, if you don’t wanna, that’s too bad Oh the hero comes I can hear the drums To the horses drum To the kingdom come Through the pain of light The house ignites in the cold Oh whoaa oh Claim your prize For the crown of stars In the name of love Be the sacrifice You and I will fight Our backs to the world. We let the piano have a solo and then Emily begins again; Let the fever rise The horses race To the blazing sun Baby I'm the one I'm the one who will fall Oh whoaa oh Meet me down On the bitter stone I will wait for you Just to rest my soul Don't you worry You will fight with the call; We stand in the greater sign formation again and stand still looking down then lifting our heads slowly; You can lift your head up to the sky Take a deeper breath And give it time You can walk the path of all lies With your shattered frame of mind The wonder takes my breathe away Nothing surrounding us will Stay the same. The piano stop playing and I turn around and give Emily and Kaela high 5's. The guys huddle in a circle. I turn to Emily and Kaela and we silently fangirl. The guys turn around and so do we. I clear my throat like nothing happened. I notice that all the guys are smiling. Sehun steps forward wraps an arm around me and says, "We can't wait to work with you three!" 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@DawanaMason @ruthmilian89 Just uploaded again because you guys are the best ;u;
eeeeee!! keep going!!!😆😆
@DawanaMason you're gonna make me cry during finals 😢 but good tears 😊
oh btw, this takes place before Tao and Luhan left and supposedly Mr. Yi Fan was on "hiatus."
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