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The Hotel Room

We arrived at the hotel before the guy's. We went inside the room and dropped our stuff on floor from astonishment. "Wow.." We were left stunned. I looked around and noticed some electronic devices resting by the TV, "Please tell me that that's what I think it is," I get closer and let out a little fan girl scream, "The new ps4 and Xbox one?! THERE'S EVEN SOME OF THE NEW GAMES! I love you Jae." While I'm left there fan girling, Emily runs to the hallway that has the bedrooms and claims one, Kaela does this also. After fan girling, I see which room they left me amd I open the door. Ooh, I love it. I throw my bag onto the seat by the window and put my hands on my hips. I hear screaming and then I realize the guys have probably returned. I meet Emily and Kaela in the kitchen. I watch Emily throw open the fridge and a tear drops, "It's already filled with food." Kaela takes the chance and opens the cupboards. Snacks line the shelves. "It's like I'm in food heaven," Kaela proceeds to grab a box of Pocky and tears it open and hands me one. I take it willingly and stick it in my mouth. I love Pocky. I look around and notice a door that hasn't been open. "Hey, Guys, what do you think is behind there?" Emily shrugs and Kaela isn't even paying attention. I head towards the door and open it. I stand there and do a small wave, "Hi." Emily walks up beside me and does a wave too. "I guess we know where this leads to now," I take a bite of the Pocky that I had let sitting in my mouth. Tao proceeds to walk into our hotel room and jumps over the couch and sits down. The other 9 proceed to follow him. Emily goes back to the fridge and leaves me standing there with Xiumin. "So, Come in?" I smiled and he smiles back and says, "Why thank you for inviting me in," He talks a little louder so the guys can hear him. "I thought you were shy?" I look at him, "Not shy just quiet." I nod and then he walks to the couch and sits on the floor infront of the TV. I shut the door and do the same, sitting next to Xiumin. I feel someone tap me on the shoulder and I turn around, "How about a round of Mario Kart 8?" Sehun handed me a controller while he and Kai took the others, "Oh, it's on." Xuimin leans ocer and whispers in my ear, "Good Luck." I nod my head and whisper back, "Fighting!"  I choose Baby Peach because she's my favorite character when it comes to Mario Kart, I'm always in first place with her.           I stand up and punch the air, "In your faces!" I do a little dance then realize what I was doing and blushed. "Oh, haha, look at the time, I'm getting hungr, how about you guys? I'll make us something to eat." I give the controller to Xuimin and walk into the kitchen. Why do I have to embarrass myself like that? I hear someone sitting down at the table, I turn around amd see Baekhyun, "How about some spaghetti?" I nod, "Sure!" Emily walks in and she asks if I needed any help. I asked her to mske some garlic bread while I get the spaghetti ready. I looked out of the corner and saw Baekhyun staring at us while we were cooking, "Take a picture, it lasts longer." I saw his surprised expression and smiled but he couldn't see me, "How did y---? You know what? Maybe I will." He takes out his phone and I hear a clicking sound. I roll my eyes then take a noodle from the pot and throw it on the fridge, it sticks. Emily looks at me, "Why'd you do that for?" I took the noodle off the fridge and washed it off then ate it, "To see if the noodles were done." She rolls her eyes and then open the oven, "Well, the bread is done also, what a coincidence." I turn off the stove and let the noodles, marinara sauce, and the meat, sit while I set up the table. I open the cupboard and reach up. Oh my gosh, I can't reach the plates, this is so embarrassing!  Why did I have to be so short? I feel a hand on my shoulder, "I got it." I step to the side and then open up another cupboard, Yay, I can reach the cups! Baekhyun grabs some plates down while I feab some cups. He follows me to the table and sets the plates down. "I bet I can set up this side of the table faster." I give him a go hard or go home expression and he smirks, "You're on!" We run back and forth setting up the table. It turned out to be a tie. I wiped my forehead,  "You got game, I respect that." He smiled,"and so do you." There's that smile. Now, you need to do that more often. I tell the boys the food is ready and they all come running in. Luhan sits down, "Thank you, I was starving!" He then proceeds to lick his lips. I sit down between Kaela and Emily. I smile and think to myself, I'm going to owe Jae big time. Thanks. I put a napkin on my lap and start chatting with Kaela.

The Dark Knight

I woke up and went to the bathroom to do my daily routine. I looked in the mirror, I look like the grudge, ugh. I grabbed a brush and started tearing through my hair, I hate my hair but I don't want to cut it. After brushing my hair and putting it into a braid, I brudh my teeth and put my lady essentials on like deodorant, perfume, makeup, etc. The whole shabang. I went back into my room and looked at the clothes in the closet. I forgot to tell you guys, apparently Jae had filled our closets up with clothes, he even got us some new shoes and hats. Hmm... I feel like sporting a batman theme. I put on my Batman hat and then I put on some white torn shorts. Ooh, I remember Sehun having a black sleeveless batman tank, I don't think he'll notice that it's gone... I exited my room and realized the place was silent. I checked Kaela's and Emily's room, No one to be seen, where are they? I check the time, Oh, it's 1pm, whoops. I open the door that separated EXOs and our rooms. I listened and heard nothing. Geez, I guess no one is here. I shimmy across the floor into the hallway where their rooms are. So, Sehun rooms with D.O. and since D.O. is kind of a neat freak, just look for the cleanest room. I open some doors and after five minutes of opening and closing doors, I finally find their room. I walk to Sehuns side of the room, How did I know? It's kind of messy, but that's Sehun for yah. I open his closest and flip through his shirts. Where are you batman? Geez, he has tons of shirts. Yes! Found it! I take it off the hanger and put it on. Thank god thst no one else was here because I was kind of walking around in my bra. Sorry not Sorry. I head back towards my room and put on my black converse high heels. My phone vibrates in my pocket and I take it out. Oh, a message from Emily.. Emily: Sorry, we didn't wake you up. 1. You're kind of a heavy sleeper.  2. You get mad when people wake you up. So, we're with EXO now but I'll meet you in the hotel lobby in five minutes? Me: Alright, see yah in 5. I head down towards thr lobby but I take the stairs. Gosh, I hate elevators. I kind of have a fear of elevators. I finally get down to the lobby and see Em standing there waiting for me. She gives me a small wave, "Batman, Me likey." She gives me a wink, "Ok, so Everyone's waiting at the coffee shop up the street." I nod and we head towards the coffee shop. We walk in and I see the boys arm wrestling. I snicker and see Kaela. I walk up to her, "So, who's winning?" She looks up at me and smiles, "Xuimin." I laugh, "I'm not surprised, have you seen his muscles?" She laughs and then orders a coffee. "Why thank you," I turn around to see Xuimin standing there. "Oh, Hi." I get beat red and he laughs. "I see you're wearing Sehun's shirt." I look down at the shirt,  "Well, I felt Batman-y today and he was the only one with a Batman shirt." Xuimin looks me up and down then smiles,  "He won't mind since it looks cute on you." My eyes get wide and he walks off and returns to his quiet self. "He is right you know, I don't kind since you look cute in it. You can have it if you want." Please don't be who I think it is... I turn around and see Sehun standing infront of me sipping bubble tea. Emily then comes up to us, "Sorry to interrupt you two," and grabs my arm and pulls me too the side. I sigh, "Thank y---" She cuts me off, "DUDE. KAI GAVE ME HIS NUMBER!" She says kind of quietly. "What really we've only been here for a day!" She sits down, "I know!" Wow, she's got game. I wish I had Sehun's and Luhan's number. I rub the back of my kneck and sigh. ( @ruthmilian89 @ExoandVixxtrash @VKookie47 @DawanaMason (>^♡^<) )
feels hiit me hard af when it said "KAI GAVE ME HIS NUMBER" smh my mom was right next to me lmak
I have 4 Batman shirts but not Sehun's😭😭😭 so lucky!!!
this is beginning to look like a love triangle
@DawanaMason Kaela and Emily are based off of my actual cousin (Emily) and stepsister (Kaela) :3