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How adorable is this little sock snowman?! This is a great project for kids on a snow day or on holiday break — it's incredibly easy and then you have a cute decoration for the winter season. This DIY tutorial comes from the wonderful people at Handimania.


For this project, you will need:
-- Scissors
-- White tube socks
-- Super glue or craft glue
-- Wide tape (like a roll of masking tape)
-- Buttons
-- Scrap fabric
-- Rice (you will need 2.5 pounds)
-- String
-- Sewing pins (you will need two black pins and one yellow pin)
You can find the majority of these items at a craft store.

Cut the sock

Use the scissors to cut the sock into two pieces. Cut the sock right below the heel, as shown in the picture above.

Tie the sock

Take the part of the sock that has the heel and flip it inside out. Then, take a piece of string and wrap it around the end of the sock right above the heel, as shown in the picture above.

Pour rice in the sock

Flip the sock back so that it is right side out. Then, weave the sock end through the masking tape roll and wrap it around the roll. Then, fill the sock with rice.

Tie a string around the top of the snowman

Once you have filled your snowman sock with enough rice, use your heads to form the head of the snowman. You just want it to look more like a gourd instead of a giant pill capsule. Then, tie a string around the top of the sock to seal off the sock so that no rice falls out. You don't need to make this tie pretty as it will be covered up by the snowman's hat later in the process.

Form the body and head of the snowman

Use another piece of string to tie around the middle of the snowman to make the head and body of the sock snowman.

Attach the scarf

Take a piece of scrap fabric and tie around the neck of the snowman to make a cute scarf to keep your snowman warm.

Form the hat

Take the other piece of sock that you didn't use for the snowman, and fold the ends a few times to form a small hat for your snowman. Then, dab a little bit of glue around the inside of the hat and place the hat on the snowman's head. Let the glue dry completely.

Add details to the snowman

Glue a couple of buttons to the front of the snowman's body. Then, take two black pins and stick them in the snowman's head for eyes and then stick one yellow pin in for the nose.

Set your adorable sock snowman up in your living space and enjoy!

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Do you leave the tape roll in it?
@JordanNash ooooh okay thank you :)
@BloodStrider no, you should remove it after you tie it. The tape roll is just to help you add the rice.