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What up and hello guys this is Part 7 of the I'm So Sorry But I Love You Fanfic . . If you're new and want to hop in >Click Here<
*Jiyong is lying on the floor and his voice is very faint* Ji:*he gives you a small smile*.....jagiya.. Y/N:*rushing over to Jiyong* Oh my god, what happened to you!! *GD's eyes open for a single moment before shutting again* TOP:*letting out a breath* aish Jiyong! ! Get up, what are you doing TOP: *He raises his voice* Jiyong!!
Y/N: *Tears begins to brim at your eyes* Seunghyun oppa... TOP: *pulling you away from GD* Jiyong.....Jiyong get up!! Seriously if this is a joke I'm going to kill you Y / N: Jiyong.. TOP: Jiyong *TOP begins to preform CPR* TOP: Jiyong get up seriously!! * voice cracks* Y/N: Seunghyun... *TOP makes eye contact with you for a single before tending back to Jiyong*
TOP: Jiyong...JIYONG!! TOP: *TOP begins to shake Jiyong violently, as tears stream down his face* this isn't funny anymore, seriously get up Y / N: TOP, oppa ... TOP: aish.. *releases GD and his body falls to the floor*
*You run back over to Jiyong and hold him in your arms as your tears hit his lifeless face* *TOP pulls out his phone and has called for an ambulance, you stare at him as he paces back and forth around the room destroying everything he comes in contact with* *shortly the ambulance arrives. The medical team frantically places him in the ambulance and refuse to let you and Seunghyun ride in the ambulance along with them* *You and TOP hurry into the car and follow the ambulance to the hospital*
*Once you arrive you and TOP run down the hall chasing the small cart wheeling Jiyong into the Emergency Room* *The cart stop reaching the final doors and the paramedics turn to you and TOP* Paramedics: I'm sorry but you can't come any further, this room is off limits
*You heart drops and you push the paramedics out of the way, walking toward Jiyong* TOP: Y/N- *You hold out you hand silencing TOP and you knee beside Jiyongs cart placing your hand on his* Y/N: Jiyong.....Jiyong you listen to me *Your grip tightens on his hand* Y/N: your going to wake up from this okay....and- *you try to fightback your tears* Y/N: and were going go be together, just like in the movies you and I, okay
*The Paramedics Place their hands On Your shoulders and begin To drag you away, but you resist* Y/N: Jiyong your going to wake up right? Promise me you will Paramedics: Mam you're going to have to let go, your the patient might di- *cut them off screaming* Y/N: Jiyong!! *Your grip tightens on his hands* Y/N: You're going to wake up, right...
*The paramedics start using more force to pull you away* *you continue swatting their hands away* Y/N: Jiyong *your to fight back your tears again* TOP: ......Y/N *TOP places his hand on your shoulder* *You look up at him as the tears roll down your face*
*TOP helps you up and brings to drag you away* Y/N: TOP oppa.....what are you?... *TOP keeps pulling you away* Y / N: Jiyong .. *you reach your hand out to touch him but he only grows more distant* *The second call of his name is broken, almost completly silenced* Y / N: Jiyong ... *The world seems to be spinning in circles, as you grow more distant*
Y / N: Jiyong *your voice gets louder and louder as you repeat his name through the halls* Y/N: Jiyong you have to promise me! *The paramedics take GD through the last set of doors away from your sight* *You begin to fight TOP but he restrains you taking you farther and farther away* *Your screams become more needy and urgent as you cry uncontrollably* Y / N: Jiyong !!
I have no words....
aish 😂😂
He better not die!!! ;-; why stop hereeeee!!! ;-; ;-; ;-;
I'm my heart can't take this. what is wrong with my love.
Wow so dramatic what happened to GD
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