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Out of This World

*warning frickety frack* V looked at me with surprise bu then it dissappeared quickly, "It's more than good enough," he said in his deep husky voice. My god, that voice will be the death of me.  There's no stopping the small moan that rises from the back of my throat when V finally kisses me. It’s light but either V was just testing me or something inside of him snapped and banished all of the thoughts of holding back, because the next kiss is harder, longer, more dominant.  V picks me up and slams me against the wall while sliding one of his hands up my shirt. "Come on," V says, low and raspy voice. He then drops me on the bed and quickly takes his shirt off, he wastes no time going back in fore a more intense kiss but then starts to make his way down my neck. This actions draws something dangerously close to a whimper from my throat, I quickly bite my lip trying to let another one escape, heat flooding through my body. I place my hands in his hair, noises of encouragement slipping past my lips as V does butterfly kisses down my chest. I then feel myself being pulled towards the end of the bed, feeling the light materual of my underwear make its way down my legs. I don't even try to suppress the string of profanities slipping from my lips, feeling the sheet of the bed in my clenched hands as he took advantage of me in more ways then one.  I can't even think right now, who knew V was hiding this much talent? Remember to breath, I told myself, not regretting any of these moments with him. He then stopped and stood up and I got onto my knees on the floor and made my way around his belt, pulling his pants down. My heart started to beat faster, I looked up and I could see him smirking. I shook my head and smiled as I gently pulled his boxers down. ~ "What are you waiting for?" I watched as Anias stood infront of me, wearing my favorite lingerie. Her hands rested on her hips, quietly begging me to make her scream. "Maybe not tonight Anias..." I said sitting up on the bed, grabbing my shirt off the floor. "What? What's wrong? You've never turned these down before," she said while unhooking her bra. I turned my head to look at the wall in front of me, "I just don't feel like it ok?" She got irritated as she picked up her clothes and put them on, "You're going to regret this Min Yoongi, you can kiss this goodbye," she patted her behind as she threw her jacket on. She opened the door, "You know what? I'm not going to leave quietly." She then stepped into the hallway, leaving me confused. I then heard her yelling, "FOR EVERYONE WHO DOESN'T KNOW, I'VE BEEN FUCKING YOUR PRECIOUS 'SUGA' FOR MONTHS NOW." My eyes grew wide, I quickly ran into the hallway, grabbing her by the arm, "What the hell are you doing?" I ask her. She scoffed, "Let go of me or I'll yell some more." My hand dropped from her arm, feeling defeated, "Can you please leave now?" I then heard footsteps behind me as I heard a female speak up, "What's with all the ruckus out here?" I turned around and I was flooded with emotion, "Nothing she was j---." I then watched as Taehyung came out from behind her, shirtless, he then wrapped his arm around her. I became furious, I turned to look at Anias, "You know what? I changed my mind, I'm going to fuck you so hard, you won't be able to walk tomorrow." I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards the room we just came out of, "Ooh, I like it when you take control like that," she giggled. I furrowed my eyebrows as I walked by the two, I look at her face out the side of my eye, I could tell she was hurt, good. ( Sorry if its short, I'm in class and I have a final in like 20 mins :3)
I'm glad you guys like it, I have a love for plot twists and cliff hangers so yah xD
I wanna read the next one I'm dying g so hard
omg omg omg this issss soooo goodd!! i died a long time ago.. my spirit is just reading this waiting to die too cx
emegerd moreeeeee ❤❤❤❤❤
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