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BTS JIMIN Self cam 馃槀
JIMIN is my second bias because he is my bias crusher. 馃槀 he is a cutie pie and really hott at the same time so 馃槄 and a complete dork and that's why we all love him. Anyway enjoy the photos I screenshot while he had the self cam a while back 馃槀
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He is a complete fool... But damn.. i love this dork.. ChimChim was the first one i noticed when I first started watching BTS.. He is my bias wrecker..
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Never have I been so googoo eyed over a Korean idol before. it's weird
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@BAbrajan1 Yes I agree completely, a fool that you can't not love. That's cool he was the first you noticed! He is my bias wrecker and always has been 馃槀
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@TashiannaBostic I feel you don't worry it's okay you'll make it through this 馃槀馃槀馃挄馃挄
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@jaebug he's not even my ultimate bias, gdragon is, but that smile, his personality, and that body have me singing "oh my my my". I'm a grown woman.
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